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GTA V holds seven Guinness World Records 

GTA V holds seven Guinness World Records Grand Theft Auto V is now the holder of seven Guinness World Records! On Tuesday, the organization confirmed that GTA V is now the official holder of the following titles: Best Selling Action-Adventure Video Game in 24 Hours…

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GTA Online unlock level: Weapons 

GTA Online unlock level: Weapons The list below tells you which level in Grand Theft Auto Online is required to unlock the listed weapons. firearms Rank 1 Level 2 Level 4 Level 5 pistol suppressor miniature submachine gun Level 9 combat pistol Combat pistol extension…

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Infinite 8 Mystery 

Infinite 8 Mystery While playing GTA V, you may come across clues related to Infinite 8 Mysteries. This is actually a serial killer game story. At Sandy Shores you can find a newspaper clipping titled “Suspected Killer Merle Abrahams Dies in Prison”. It is dated…

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GTA Online: Lifestyle and Character Data 

GTA Online: Lifestyle and Character Data By now, you’ve had a chance to check out the multiplayer portion of GTA V – Grand Theft Auto Online. In addition to “choosing” how your online character looks (this is actually done according to tradition – we’ll get…