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Skateboard Secrets in GTA 5 

Skateboard Secrets in GTA 5 A Reddit user named HardHandle posted a short clip of their GTA V character using a makeshift skateboard to move around the street. While there is no official skateboard feature, this player found a cart that can be used to…

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How to Duplicate a Pegasus Vehicle 

How to Duplicate a Pegasus Vehicle Thanks to Dopefull on Reddit, we have a nice new tip that will allow you to copy all the vehicles you get from Pegasus in GTA Online. That means all kinds of tanks, Cargobob, Buzzard, etc. Anyway, here’s what…

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GTA Off-Road Hiking Trail Guide 

GTA Off-Road Hiking Trail Guide Reddit user TezzaMcJ created a visual off-road route guide for the area around Mt. Chiliad in GTA 5. It includes a map of the area, marked with major trails, a list of vehicles that work best, and numerous trails marked…

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Two new handy GTA Online glitches 

Two new handy GTA Online glitches Here are some cool new glitches for GTA Online that were recently discovered. The first lets you wear sunglasses and a mask at the same time (which is usually not possible), while the second lets you get Mesa Jeep…