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GTA V meets 007 and John Wick 

GTA V meets 007 and John Wick God, what is this? Not one, but two very detailed and authentic videos made with Rockstar editors, adapting various pop culture icons?Well, considering there’s a damn million Among them, this is not surprising. While these videos are a…

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GTA V online casino may open next week 

GTA V online casino may open next week With rumors about the upcoming DLC ​​and information about the sequel, we’ve got a ton of unconfirmed information about the future of the GTA franchise. Aside from that, a player noticed something interesting in GTA Online the…

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GTA V get the grappling hook 

GTA V get the grappling hook If you’re bored with the fantastic Jetpack mod recently released for GTA V, there’s a fun new way to traverse the sprawling map. The grappling hook is a fairly common piece of equipment in games, and it’s probably one…

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GTA Online: Fight against cheating 

GTA Online: Fight against cheating Well, it’s a strange story. We all know how zealous Rockstar is in rooting out all forms of cheating in GTA Online. They put cheaters in separate lobbies, take anti-modification measures even when affecting single-player games, track player activity using…

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Rockstar Strike Online Mods 

Rockstar Strike Online Mods With the April 14 launch of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, a whole new world of opportunity opens up for modders. Rockstar says they support fan-created mods in the single-player portion of the game. Modders jumped at this opportunity and…