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GTA V’s Zancudo Fortress Declassified 

GTA V’s Zancudo Fortress Declassified The heavily fortified military base found in Blaine County at Fort Zancudo hides many secrets. Like the Area 69 base where the Jetpack was hidden in GTA: San Andreas, the only military installation in GTA V is far more than…

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Time to get a job…in Los Santos 

Time to get a job…in Los Santos Sometimes we at GTA BOOM like to follow well-made, creative or unique mods in GTA V. Today we bring you a special mod that goes against the whole idea of ​​escapism behind the game and brings some of…

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Now mod vehicles 10x with ZModeler3 

Now mod vehicles 10x with ZModeler3 Mods, look up! With the latest update to ZModeler, the software has gained an import/export feature designed specifically for GTA V. The creators of LSPDFR have been paying considerable attention to this development, as the ability to modify vehicles…