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GTA V wins Golden Joystick Award 

GTA V wins Golden Joystick Award The 33rd Golden Joystick Awards have just come to a close, and this year’s competition is fierce, = but the results are no surprise. Although not initially released this year, the launch of the PC version in 2015 means…

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Want to get hacked in GTA V single player? 

Want to get hacked in GTA V single player? Weird question, right?why would anyone miss Hacked in GTA V’s single player mode? Hacking in GTA Online was quite a problem until Rockstar regained the upper hand by introducing some new anti-cheat methods that were extremely…

Gaming, GTA, Mods

Lowriders enter single-player with mod 

Lowriders enter single-player with mod Do you like to stay at home on weekends? Has your favorite program been cancelled? Do you prefer the unbridled, cheating and modding, unrestricted, unhindered single-player mayhem of GTA V single-player over the multiplayer experience of GTA Online? If so,…