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GTA Online Versus Mode Tips 

GTA Online Versus Mode Tips Rockstar has been pushing Adversary Mode in these past updates, so if you need some guidance, this article is for you. The latest updates to GTA Online continue to add new and unique adversarial modes to the game; greatly expanding…

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GTA V AMD GPU crash fixed 

GTA V AMD GPU crash fixed Do you know what gamers look for in their graphics card? Great performance, low heat, low noise, and an affordable price for graphics card value. Do you know what else gamers look for in their graphics card? Ability to…

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Master GTA V Videos With This Mod 

Master GTA V Videos With This Mod After learning to use this mod, your GTA V videos made with Rockstar Editor will be more professional. Make no mistake, this is not a green screen. While this particular mod, as well as the truly free camera…

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Gangs go to war in GTA 5 

Gangs go to war in GTA 5 The GTA franchise has always been very focused on street and gang culture. Since we’re talking about a game that satirizes America’s urban and suburban criminal underworld, this should come as no surprise. Gangs have always existed in…

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More GTA V console discounts 

More GTA V console discounts Yes, because apparently this is still selling very well. While PC and previous-gen sales do confuse us a bit, discounting games on PS4 and Xbox One makes sense as it gives previous-gen players more incentive to upgrade. Not that GTA…