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Control GTA V with your voice (Mod) 

Control GTA V with your voice (Mod) GTA V’s modding community is bent on turning Rockstar’s blockbuster open-world crime game into the perfect virtual/augmented reality experience. Various modders have incorporated ways to partially control GTA V with your eyes, enable hand tracking with third-party VR…

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GTA V’s Franklin drawn in Excel 

GTA V’s Franklin drawn in Excel There are countless artistically gifted people in the GTA V fanbase. So much so that Rockstar occasionally showcases the best GTA V fan art on Newswire, the developer’s own online news platform. The variety of art typically showcased ranges…

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Reenact D-Day in GTA V with Mods 

Reenact D-Day in GTA V with Mods Whether you’re a history buff, military buff or a GTA V fan video creator, this mod is for you. In recent weeks, the number of mods designed to provide users of Rockstar Editor with new scenery and video…

Gaming, GTA, Mods

GTA V Texture Mod Boosts PC Performance 

GTA V Texture Mod Boosts PC Performance GTA V was praised for its visuals when it first launched on the previous generation of consoles. It was praised again when it launched on current consoles. Neither era was as lauded as it was when it launched…

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GTA V for Razer Motion Controllers 

GTA V for Razer Motion Controllers VR and AR are a new wave of advancements in gaming technology. Graphics fidelity is near its peak, and the closer we get, the slower the progress. The Oculus Rift kicked off the VR craze, and all the other…

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GTA Online perimeter event announced 

GTA Online perimeter event announced Thanks to a small leak, we know this is coming. With the Be My Valentine event just wrapped up on the 18th, Rockstar immediately started the next event. GTA Online occasionally hosts weekend and week-long special events, usually in honor…