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GTA 5 meets Dragon Ball Z 

GTA 5 meets Dragon Ball Z Get ready for a massive nostalgia attack, folks. While there are plenty of fan videos with original content, Rockstar editors seem to be primarily responsible for creating crossover videos where scenes from popular shows or movies are recreated in…

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GTA Online Console Server Maintenance 

GTA Online Console Server Maintenance Update: The server is now online. Given the popularity of GTA Online, many of you reading this now are probably doing it because you tried to log into the game but couldn’t. No, there is nothing wrong with your game,…

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GTA 5’s first 360° drift video slideshow 

GTA 5’s first 360° drift video slideshow YouTube recently released a new feature where creators can upload videos and viewers can change the camera angle to any position, which is considered revolutionary. It was an experimental feature at first, but it took off quickly and…

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GTA 5’s New Sabre Has Muscle Classes 

GTA 5’s New Sabre Has Muscle Classes Benny’s Original Motorworks, GTA Online’s high-end custom garage, released its latest fully customizable ride on Tuesday. The shop first launched in the Lowriders update a few months ago in 2015, allowing players to pull up a growing list…