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GTA Online requires aircraft customization 

GTA Online requires aircraft customization GTA Online is one of the most active and enthusiastic communities in almost any major AAA game today. Subreddits and internet forums are full of life as players endlessly discuss the best strategies, engage in speculation about future content or…

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GTA Online hack video banned 

GTA Online hack video banned Rockstar is completing the latest massive crackdown on hacking in GTA Online. Implemented a very effective anti-hacking system online, cleaned the lobbies on the PC and kept the public lobbies free of malicious hackers, scripters and modders who are now…

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GTA Online: Street Credit RP Guide 

GTA Online: Street Credit RP Guide introduce While money may be the boss of GTA Online, it doesn’t give you the skills or tools you need to earn money and protect your fortune in the shark-eating-shark world of Los Santos and Blaine County. Reputation (RP)…

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GTA Online Power Play DLC released 

GTA Online Power Play DLC released Rockstar finally revealed yesterday’s unannounced update to GTA Online on their newswire, which adds new cars, free shirts, and new discounts to the game. The update also includes a new adversary mode that wasn’t available until the official reveal….

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GTA V may prove we live in a matrix 

GTA V may prove we live in a matrix An increasingly popular philosophical concept holds that human society as we know it exists only in virtual simulations and that the world around us is not real. Some prominent figures such as Elon Musk have become…