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GTA Online: Combating Illicit Money 

GTA Online: Combating Illicit Money Fans have long been asking Rockstar to put on the gloves and stop playing nice with hackers and modders in GTA Online. Rockstar, in turn, has fixed the insurance fraud hack, cleaned up the game on PC, and is now…

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GTA 5 Samsung Mod Video DMCA restored 

GTA 5 Samsung Mod Video DMCA restored Last week we wrote about a particularly creative and entertaining GTA 5 mod that capitalized on the recent wave of controversy surrounding the spontaneous combustion of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phones. The issue has been grabbing headlines across…

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Red Dead Redemption 2 announced 

Red Dead Redemption 2 announced Forget Red Dead Retribution, Rebellion, Revenge, Reciprocation and even Redintegration…it’s just “Red Dead Redemption 2”. Yes, Rockstar could use another word that starts with “re”, but we’re guessing “Red Dead Redemption” has higher brand recognition than “Red Dead.” Rockstar officially…

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GTA Online: Shopping List for New Players 

GTA Online: Shopping List for New Players Over the course of more than three years, Rockstar’s wildly popular multiplayer GTA Online has built up an absolutely massive library of items, vehicles, weapons, and attributes available for in-game purchases through a steady stream of free DLC….

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Ride a hearse with a biker in GTA Online 

Ride a hearse with a biker in GTA Online While we can expect Rockstar to launch the GTA Online Halloween event as before (making Lurcher Hearse available again) as the end of October approaches, another way to get it has been discovered. Players have been…