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Content Creator Update for GTA Online 

Content Creator Update for GTA Online With last week’s Youga Classic bringing the Bikers DLC “season” to a close, we’re rolling out our mid-week DLC week for GTA Online, and Rockstar will be filling the transition with a special event to keep players through until…

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Best Headphones for GTA Online 

Best Headphones for GTA Online While random heists aren’t as harrowing as the GTA Online community would have you believe, it’s often a better idea to play with a team – which team might function without proper communication? Headphones have become essential for multiplayer games,…

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Get Pegassi Esskey in GTA Online 

Get Pegassi Esskey in GTA Online It looks like we’re looking at a new content model for GTA Online, and what we’re getting in Cunning Stunts and Bikers. Both major updates kick off a series of smaller expansions that add a variety of new cars,…

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GTA Online: Deadline Helm for any outfit 

GTA Online: Deadline Helm for any outfit Two days ago, Rockstar finally added Shotaro in GTA Online, along with a new outfit and a confrontation mode. All three new titles are heavily inspired by one of the most iconic sci-fi films of the ’80s, “Tron.”…