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Should you buy GTA 5 Premium Online? 

Should you buy GTA 5 Premium Online? Grand Theft Auto 5 was recently re-released in the Premium Online Edition, which includes the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. This release is primarily aimed at new audiences and provides players with a boost in GTA Online through items…

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GTA Online PvP Tips and Tricks 

GTA Online PvP Tips and Tricks As a multiplayer game, you will constantly meet other players in Grand Theft Auto Online. Doing any activity you don’t do in free mode guarantees interaction with others, and even in free mode you’ll bump into other players time…

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GTA 4 lost a lot of licensed music 

GTA 4 lost a lot of licensed music We’ve previously reported that GTA 4 will lose some licensed music tracks from in-game radio stations due to the lapse in the agreement, and that’s a reality today. However, far more songs were lost in this culling…

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GTA 5 meets God of War 

GTA 5 meets God of War Kratos, the Spartan demigod who killed himself to become a mature godhead, set his sights on Los Santos. Players can now play the protagonist and antihero of the God of War series in Grand Theft Auto V, all thanks…