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ComputerTFT is trustworthy how-to instructions on all things tech. Learn how to use, fix, and troubleshoot your computers, phones and apps with our blog.

Computer TFT is a website created by computer experts to help you with your tech questions. We make sure that our articles are easy-to understand, thoroughly tested and accurate so readers can trust what they find here at our website.

Computer TFT ➡️ Tech, Tutorials, Reviews & Consoles
Computer TFT ➡️ Tech, Tutorials, Reviews & Consoles

At, our mission is to offer the clearest and most accurate advice on popular technology. We accomplish this by creating concise and thoroughly-tested articles that provide readers with easily understood instructions on how to handle their most important tech questions. Computer TFT combines the work of qualified researchers, writers, and testers with the experience of the wikiHow community to ensure that readers can trust the information they find here.


Our editors and writers follows a thorough process with multiple quality control checks when creating our articles to ensure they satisfy our mission and help readers achieve the tech-based tasks they’re interested in:

  • Our articles are tested for accuracy. Most of our articles are tested by our tech team, who follow along with the instructions to ensure that they are accurate, clear, and complete.
  • Our articles are edited by trained writers. All articles on have been edited by our team of trained writers and researchers, who have firsthand user experience with the tech they write about. Additionally, these articles are then reviewed by our staff members.
  • Our articles are carefully researched. Most of our articles on are written by writers who have access to the tech itself, and many also cite various sources as needed. These sources typically include official help pages, like Apple Support, and respected tech sites.
  • We are transparent about our practices. Each article includes information on any references used for the research and writing process, as well as information on whether the article was tested by our tech team.