Brookstone Bolas

This Brookstone Bolas A throwing weapon exclusive to Red Dead Online, added to the game as part of the 1.26 Bounty Hunter Update on December 1, 2020.

This weapon cannot be customized.

How to get Brookstone Bolas in Red Dead Online:

Brookstone Bolas can be purchased at any Fence in Red Dead Online for
$100.00 or 4 Gold Bars

This weapon is an exclusive item for Red Dead Online players pursuing the Bounty Hunter role. The Bolas alternate style is unlocked by purchasing a Prestige Bounty Hunter License and reaching the Bounty Hunter Veteran Kit (Character Level 21).

Brookstone Bolas describes:

This Bounty Hunter’s Veteran Kit (Character level 21) gives you access to three styles of Bolas throwing weapons, perfect for entangling bounty targets’ legs.

Brookstone Bolas is just a cosmetic variant of the regular Bolas, as the stats are the same. It is available from Fence.

You can carry up to 3 of these Bolas at the same time, for a total of 12 if combined with other available Bolas styles/variants

Brookstone Bolas: RDR2 Statistics







Overall score 23.33

Brookstone Bolas: RDR2 Information

Weapons Throwing Weapons Weapon Wheel SlotsThrowables Available from Fences Modification cannot be modified

Brookstone Bolas: RDR2 appearance

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