Diamond Casino Heist – The Big Con Method Complete Setup and Execution Guide

Taking a different approach to the new casino heist is one of the major new features added to GTA Online via DLC. One of the three methods is called The Big Con method (the others are aggressive, silent and sneaky). As the name suggests, you use various disguises to get in and out of the casino. Since there are many setup missions and heist prep missions, we’ll show you the best setup for The Big Con method so that you don’t have to do all of them, just the ones necessary to make the most of your time and your best the result of.

Heist Prep Mission

First, we’ll look at all the important prep tasks you need to do, except of course the mandatory prep tasks. Note that you can complete all of these heist prep missions alone or with your friends. But doing these things with at least one friend will make things faster and easier for you. That being said, it’s not impossible to complete the prep tasks yourself. You can also complete prep tasks in public classes or individual classes.

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support crew


You don’t need to worry about choosing the best gunner for this method, as you won’t get into a combat situation. This will be an easy “in and out” method. You’ll be in and out using camouflage, no weapons required. Therefore, you can choose KARL ABOLAJI for only 5% off. When choosing a weapon, make sure to select the Micro SMG loadout in case the heist doesn’t go as planned. Don’t choose the shotgun loadout as it has little damage.

Karl Abolaji on the preparatory committee


You also don’t need your driver as you won’t be using this method of escape vehicle. But hiring a driver is mandatory, so you can opt for KARIM DENZ which only charges a 5% discount. For vehicles, if you decide to use a vacation car (which you don’t need if you follow this guide), you can choose the Sentinel Classic vacation car. Also, if you decide to use these vehicles, make sure to upgrade them to level 3 in the arcade garage by sitting in the car to upgrade them.

Karim Denz on the prep board


Choosing a hack is the most important thing in the entire preparation process. You need to make sure to pick the best hack on the list, as the time you get into the vault depends on the hack you choose. If you have unlocked him, choose PAIGE HARRIS or AVI SCHWARTZMAN. If you’re wondering how to unlock Avi Schwartzman, you can check out our full guide here.

If you choose PAIGE, you’ll get a total of 3 minutes and 15 seconds in the vault, and she’ll get a 9% promotion. If you choose AVI, you get an extra 15 seconds for a total of 3 minutes 30 seconds. Trust us, when you empty your vault, those 15 seconds are a long time. This is really helpful!

So if he unlocks it for you, we recommend AVI, otherwise, PAIGE.

When you choose a hacking device, you can expect it to be in two different locations. The first requires you to get it from NOOSE headquarters, while the second requires you to get it from the FIB building.

NOOSE headquarters mission

For the NOOSE HQ mission, you need to go to a specific location, find the corrupt agent, take him away, and bring the key card to NOOSE HQ. After that, head to the headquarters, infiltrate the building and use your phone to find the hacker device. It’s simple, just walk away quietly and out of sight of the guards and you’re good to go.

FIB construction mission

If you have a mission that requires going to the FIB building, you first have to go kill some agents and get a FIB agent pass so you can impersonate that agent. Kill the agent, lose the police and go to the FIB building. Park your vehicle in front of the entrance as it will be useful when you are leaving.

Enter the building and, as always, stay out of sight of other agents, as staying inside for long periods of time will expose you. Keep walking and go to the elevator. Once you reach the desired floor, take out your phone and use the signal strength bar to find the hacked device, just like at NOOSE HQ.

Once you get the hacking device, go back outside the same way you came in. But be warned, once you reach the exit, the agents will recognize you and start shooting, so make sure you have some snacks and armor. Quickly exit the building and get into the vehicle you parked in front of the entrance earlier (you’re welcome), lose the cops and return the hacked device to the arcade.

Paige and Avi on the prep board

hint: An important tip we can give is to make sure your car is parked outside the door you enter. As soon as you leave the building, the guards will be alerted and you will get a wanted level, so get out of there as soon as possible and lose the police. It’s even better if you have an Oppressor Mark II because you can simply fly out of the area and lose the level you want easily.

General preparations

You only need to do two general preparation tasks, the rest you can ignore the big con. You can perform the DUGGAN SHIPMENT quest, which will greatly weaken the guards in the ending. However, since we are not going to enter any combat situation, this mission is not necessary.

safe key card

There are two types of tasks that can be done to obtain a vault key card. One requires you to hijack a prison bus and get a key card from one of the prison guards while impersonating a prison guard. The second mission is fairly simple, you just need to go to two security guards in two different locations, kill them and get cards. One guard will be drunk on the street, while another will “have fun” in a motel room. Just make sure to kill them with a suppressor weapon or with a melee weapon to avoid the police when you take them away.

Obtaining a vault key card is the easiest preparation task. All you need to do is hijack a prisoner bus, disguise as a prison guard to go to the prison and infiltrate a tower in the prison. After entering the marker tower, you will encounter a guard, just silently remove the guard and search for the key card on him. Once you get your key card, you can leave the prison like you used the prisoner bus to come in, and you’re done.

Note that there is a faster way to do this, but it’s not safe and we don’t recommend it. You can go directly to the prison in your own vehicle and then head to the tower to pick up your key card. However, when you enter the premises, the guards are warned and the snipers in the prison are very powerful. They will destroy you. Sometimes even one shot kills you. So if you are not careful and confident with this method, it is better to use it safely and use the prison bus to enter and get the key card. If you have an Oppressor Mark II, this method also works fine, but it’s still very dangerous for snipers.

patrol route

This is an optional general preparation task, but it is one of the most important preparation tasks, especially for the Big Con method. If you complete this quest, you will be able to see enemies or guards on your minimap during the heist. If you don’t, the guards will not be visible on your map. It is absolutely necessary to complete it so that you can easily see where the guards are doing the heist when approaching a specific area in stealth mode.

In this mission, you need to find a specific car and take pictures of the items in the trunk. Mission locations are always different, but the car is always the same, so once you’ve identified it, you’ll never mistake it for any other car. You can get two possible cars – it can be a grey car or a black car. You can sneak into the car or kill all the guards and approach the vehicle – it’s all up to you. Just make sure you don’t accidentally blow up the target car while you kill everyone!

gray car

You can see at this particular location, there is a black car (green circle) next to the grey car (red circle). So when you get to this location, it can be one of them. It works in other locations too, you’ll always get a grey car or a black car. The best part is that the models of these cars are exactly the same in all locations, so once you’ve identified it, you’ll know what to look for on your next run.

Black car with patrol route (circled in green)

security pass

You’ll need a Level 2 Security Pass or you won’t be able to perform your mission properly. The Safe Pass mission is also one of the most important optional missions. If you want to do everything the right way, then you might as well consider making a Level 2 Security Pass a mandatory task.

You can perform two different types of tasks. One requires you to go to a pool party and get a card from the dealer. Another requires you to remove it from a dead valet while posing as a coroner.

Dealer/Party Law

For the first type of mission, you will be directed to a pool party. Once you reach the party, the doubt bar will become visible in the bottom right corner of the screen. It will gradually increase if you become more noticeable and attract attention, however, you need to blend in and make sure it doesn’t go up. You can do different activities like drinking and dancing to keep your suspicions low. Once Lester has identified the target, you need to find and search for the key card on the target. They will be passed out and once you search for the keycard you will find that it is not actually on them. However, it should be somewhere in the area. You’ll need to search around the area for your keycard.

hint: Your skepticism will still grow slightly, but the best way to keep it low is to go into your interaction menu and keep your movement dancing, and turn it on permanently. That way, you can walk around and search for cards while making sure the doubt bar isn’t growing.

coroner’s law

If you accept the coroner quest, then you need to go to the church to steal a hearse. Once you do, the police will find you immediately. Once you’ve lost them, head to the coroner’s office. You will automatically be outfitted with the coroner’s clothes. Enter the office and head to the morgue. Avoid the police cones of vision in the office as much as possible. Once at the morgue, search for the valet’s body and get the key card. Just make sure no one is watching you when you do this. Then go back the same way you came in while avoiding the police. Leaving area completed successfully…

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