Earn free money in GTA Online with the Sprunk vs eCola event

We won’t know whether Sprunk or eCola tastes better until Rockstar Games takes inspiration from the real-life Cluckin’ Bell restaurant. However, there is a way to find out which backers have more.

Winning drinks will be based on the number of members and the number of drinks as of September 14th.

Rockstar Games just launched the Sprunk vs eCola event, which encourages players to use as many of their favorite in-game drinks as possible in GTA Online. The rules are simple: the most used of the two drinks by September 14 wins. Each use counts as a vote and a $300,000 in-game GTA Online bonus. Other cosmetic items based on the winning drink will also be given away.

To join the Sprunk vs eCola event, you’ll need a Rockstar Games Social Club account. Simply log in and visit the official Sprunk or eCola staff page to add your favorite drink. The brand you choose will determine which makeup you will receive after the event.

If you’re worried about wasting money on eCola and/or Sprunk, don’t worry. Rockstar confirmed that both drinks will be available for free during the event. So, don’t be afraid to loot and drink as much of your favorite drink as you can.

Sprunk is easily one of the most iconic video game drinks of all time.

who knows? Your final blow could propel your favorite brand to a big win on September 14th.

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