go kart

This go kart is a sports car GTA San Andreas.

The top speed of the kart is
55.92 mph (90.00 km/h)

This vehicle cannot be customized.

This car also appears in GTA Online.

Karting: GTA SA Vehicle Statistics

Vehicle Grade Sports Car Available After Mission (Story Mode) Modification Unmodifiable Currency Value $15,000 Top Speed ​​- File 55.92 mph (90.00 km/h) Engine Type Gasoline Engine Placement Rear Mass/Weight 300 kg Drivetrain RWD Gear 4

Karting: GTA SA Appears

Kart Respawn Points in GTA San Andreas Here’s where to find Karts in GTA San Andreas:

  • All of these spawn locations are after the quest “The Cut Throat Business”
  • Under a bridge in the Ganton storm drain in Los Santos
  • Outside Madd Dogg’s home in Mulholland, Los Santos
  • On the stairs on the west side of Windy Windy Windy Windy Street in San Fierro
  • Behind the Xoomer gas station near the Easter Basin Naval Base in San FIerro
  • Alley next to Zero RC in San Fierro Garcia
  • Building in El Quebrados, Tierra Robada
  • Arco del Oeste canopy in Born County
  • Angel Pine Trailer Park at Whetstone
  • The alley south of the safe house in San Phero Chinatown
  • Behind Blackfield Stadium in Blackfield, Las Venturas
  • Near Redsands West Safe House, Redsands West, Las Ventouras
  • The backyard of a house on the south side of the Prickle Pine Golf Club in Las Venturas
  • Parking to Well Stacked Pizza Co. and Zip, Starfish Casino, Las Venturas.
  • Go-Go Kart (San Fierro Race Tournament)

Notable Owner: OG Loc Appears in Story Quests:

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