GTA 5 gets the Liberty City mod

If Rockstar doesn’t, let GTA V fans make their own single-player DLC. A modding team decided that Los Santos and Blaine County weren’t big enough for them to fuck like Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, so they decided to take Liberty City from IV and put it directly into the latest part.

This is not a pattern where the author manually ported assets from the last game and painstakingly placed all objects. It’s not just a graphics makeover, old cities are loaded into GTA V’s engine. It’s more of a technical experiment, really.

Conceptually, this mod isn’t really just your typical mod, it just affects GTA V’s game files. This project aims to build a virtual bridge, if you will, between Grand Theft Autos IV and V using OpenIV. In order to function, it will require both to be installed on the system it is running on.

Basically, it will take the city’s files from the IV, then convert and install them in the V as if they were part of the single-player DLC. The entire map of GTA IV will be located in the same physical space as V’s island and drop in the sea next to it.

Liberty City won’t replace Los Santos or Blaine County, it’ll appear across the sea. Using the power of OpenIV and openFormats, we were able to bring Liberty City directly into the GTA V map.

The team behind this converter tool happens to be the same people who came up with OpenIV a few years ago, a modding tool originally for GTA IV and later for Max Payne 3 and GTA V. The team is dedicated and experienced, making it so beautiful that this project is guaranteed to be impressive when it launches.

So far, no release date has been set for the release of the conversion tool, but the team is hard at work. They still need some outside help with art, assets, and testing before release, but all of this will only become relevant in the future.

They also didn’t release any screenshots, and even the mod’s trailer just gave us a brief glimpse of Liberty City’s skyline along the coast of the GTA V map. That said, given that this will convert the IV’s game files, it’s very likely that this version will look exactly the same.

Of course, this mod is not playable in GTA Online for a number of reasons. First, Rockstar doesn’t allow any kind of modding in the multiplayer version, and will graciously issue a ban when it detects it. Now that almost all mods and hacks are detected, something as important as this is sure to get the attention of the virtual watchdog.

Another technical issue is that all players in the lobby must have mods installed for it to work, and even then there are probably countless issues that prevent it from working in a multiplayer environment. Using a custom third-party multiplayer client is also a violation of Rockstar’s Terms of Service.

OpenIV wishes to avoid infringing any Rockstar copyright or license agreement. That’s why this mod’s Liberty City assets won’t be downloaded, but a legitimate copy of GTA IV is required to work. This way you will use official assets from the official game in the single player mode of another official game. Clean and no legal issues.

Liberty City has long been rumored for a GTA V Mythos expansion, but considering that such DLC may never be released, any official content bringing the new city into the game’s single-player mode is unlikely. Some fake leaks also claim it was added to Online.

new version

Further rumors arose when a former Rockstar employee added images of the GTA IV Liberty City remake to their portfolio. These screenshots show snippets of the game’s map with new resources and better textures, among other graphical improvements. Players take this as a sign that the city is making a splash in GTA V.

Are you looking forward to visiting Liberty City in GTA V?

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