GTA Online Contracts Title Update 1.55 / 1.58 Patch Notes (December 2021 DLC)

Release Date December 15, 2021 Game Edition GTA Online Platform PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

This GTA Online “Contract” updatePublished December 15, 2021for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is also backward compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The “Contracts” update is a brand new story expansion for GTA Online featuring the return of Franklin Clinton, where New missions, security contracts, agency property, new music, new vehicles and weapons, and will join Franklin, Lamar, Chop, Dr. Dray Go on a wild and fun adventure in Los Santos with the crew.

The size of the DLC is 3.9 GB. Although this update is marked 1.55 on the Rockstar support page, it is actually numbered 1.58 in-game.

Below you can find everything included in the new release GTA Online “Covenant” DLC (GTA V Title Update 1.55 / 1.58) with all content, patch notes, screenshots, trailers and more:

GTA Online “Covenant”: New Businesses and Missions

In the years since he robbed a joint warehouse with famed Los Santos hustlers Michael and Trevor franklin clinton Been doing it myself.He is now the manager of the company “F. Clinton and Partners”a new “celebrity solutions agency” that caters to Vinewood’s elite.

As you work with and build a business with Franklin Clinton’s agency, you’ll work with new and familiar faces, including Franklin’s longtime friend Lamar Davis, his loyal partner Chop, and the agency’s interior Elite hacker Imani.

Dr. Dre Contract:

DJ Pooh approached Franklin with a big client, his close friend Dr. Dre. His phone and unreleased music were stolen On the way to Cayo Perico last year. To restore and protect Dr. Dre’s trail and take the business to the next level, Franklin needed a reliable partner.

The story structure is Similar to robbery/robbery, there are smaller preparation tasks, then the ending. These missions can be played alone or with other players.

Security Contract:

Security contracts are free-mode tasks that are launched from the agent computer. These are jobs for clients who need help. Security contracts have different difficulty levels that increase the cash rewards for completion:

  • Recycle valuables
  • vehicle recovery
  • gang termination
  • Rescue operations
  • Asset Protection
  • Realize assets

Payphone Hits:

Payphone hits are free-roam missions that allow players to take down a target with additional rewards for meeting special criteria (such as using certain weapons, vehicles, killing at a specific location or time).

These missions are started by answering ringing payphones across the map and can be accessed after completing some security contracts.

GTA Online “Contracts”: Agency Property

Proxy assets have been added to GTA Online. This multi-story high-end office space is the base for F. Clinton & Partner’s missions for solo players or groups.

The “F. Clinton & Partner” agency has 4 possible positions to choose from. The cheapest institutions still cost over 2 million.

usable Institutional upgrade includes a armory, a new vehicle studio, and the usual customization options like art, tint, and also comes with a 20 car garage storage space.

GTA Online ‘Contract’ Update: New Cars

Contract DLC adds a total of 16 new cars To GTA Online, 7 release 1 mission-only vehicle at launch on December 15, 2021, and 8 vehicles released in the following weeks:

GTA Online ‘Covenant’ Update: New Weapons

In the December 2021 update, three new weapons have been added to GTA Online.

which includes the initial cut beta weapons”heavy rifle”, as well as two exclusive weapons Institutional Armory: This stun gun from story mode and new Compact EMP Starter.

  • Four new weapon skins. These can be unlocked by completing specific games in the contract:
      • Bone Finish (Pump Shotgun)
      • Home Finish (Heavy Rifle)
      • Organics Finish (Micro SMG)
      • Record Done (AP Pistol)

GTA Online “Covenant”: New Music and Radio Stations

The “Contract” update is very music-centric, with new music and radio stations coming to GTA Online:

A sort of New eclectic radio station called “MOTOMAMI Los Santos, hosted by ROSALÍA and Arca. The station also featured tracks by Caroline Polachek, Daddy Yankee, Fingers and Aventura, Bad Gyal, and the first single from ROSALÍA’s MOTOMAMI album “LA FAMA” in collaboration with The Weeknd.

Updated two existing hip-hop stations New Music: Los Santos Radio Station and West Coast Classics have received a plethora of unreleased exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre and a lineup of heavyweight artists.

New characters in GTA Online

As part of the Covenant update, new characters for GTA Online were introduced:

GTA Online ‘Contract’ Update: More Patch Notes

  • recording studio: This new music studio social space has been added to GTA Online. Here, players can watch Dr. Dre work and socialize with other players.
  • short trip: Complete the Dr. Dre contract to get a new two-player mission where you can play as Franklin or Lamar
  • Exceed 300 garments Added for male and female characters in GTA Online.
  • 28 New Tattoos Added for male and female characters in GTA Online.
  • 14 new topcoats Added to GTA Online.
  • New Media Stick Collectibles Added to GTA Online.
  • a new one hairstyle Added for male and female characters in GTA Online.
  • several new Pause Menu Award Added to GTA Online.
  • several new daily goal Added to GTA Online.
  • Missile Lock Jammer Available on selected new vehicles below Imani Technology custom made. This protects your personal vehicle from missile locking.
  • Remote control options Available on selected new vehicles below Imani Technology custom made
  • A new option to purchase customer vehicles has been added to the Auto Shop property

Quality of life update:

  • Players will receive fewer calls in GTA Online. Players will see new map blips, markers and help text added in place of the phone.
  • The daily cost of GTA Online has been reduced.
  • The arcade game “QUB3D” has been added to the upstairs area of ​​the car shop.
  • Players can now change the number of laps they must complete in an LS Car Meet match. The reward for completing more laps increases.
  • Players now earn LS Car Meet Reputation for completing auto shop contracts, customer deliveries, and exotic export deliveries.
  • Security capacity in nightclubs and arcades has been increased.

Bug fixes:

  • Stand-up and low-grip tires no longer provide high top speeds for tuner cars
  • Fixed an issue that caused unarmored Karin Karuma to be bulletproof.

As part of GTA Online Update 1.55 / 1.58, some general improvements and fixes have also been made to the game.

Click here to read the full list of bug fixes on the Rockstar Support website.

As always, the update will be followed by the usual weekly specials and bonuses for the next few months.

GTA Online: “Covenant” Update Number

Currently, the version history of GTA V/GTA Online is a bit confusing. Contract updates are numbered differently in different places:

  • According to GTA Online, it is numbered 1.58 in the game
  • It’s incorrectly marked as Title Update 1.55 on the Rockstar support page
  • It’s marked as a “version 1.40” title update on PS4 (because PS4 follows a different version history)

GTA Online: The Covenant DLC Screenshots

GTA Online: The Covenant DLC Artwork

GTA Online: The Covenant DLC Video

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