GTA Online gets new maps and weekly events

One of the most overlooked features of the recently released update to Further Adventures in Finance and Felony GTA Online is the new Trading Venue Versus mode. This mode climbs the concept of the social ladder by literally surpassing those above you.

At the start of the game, players are assigned to a “winner” or “loser” team. Losers become winners by killing winners, but need to keep an eye out for other losers because if they kill them while they’re winners, they’ll be losers again.

This is a strange occurrence that is complicated on paper but simple in practice. However, as with most other adversarial modes, the trading venue hasn’t quite caught the attention of most players, who are busy bankrupting themselves with new content from the GTA Online DLC.

While adversarial modes like Sumo managed to make a splash in the community and became a popular classic months after its release, other adversarial modes were wiped out within a week. For each Slasher, you have at least three in and out. Rockstar is trying to push Trading Places into a category — a model that has that potential because of the thrill of unpredictability.


So, as of today, the developers have expanded Mode’s roster of maps with three new additions. Jump into GTA Online and you can take the class war to Little Seoul, the Lost Club of Grapeseed and the Harmony Place construction site. Unfortunately, there are no double prestige or cash promotions for the new map.

However, that’s not all there is to GTA Online these days. Rockstar has kicked off another set of week-long discounts and login bonuses in an unnamed event to celebrate… new maps, possible?

event 2

If you log into GTA Online anytime before next Monday, you’ll get a nice set of red swirl pajamas and a matching smoking jacket. They complement last week’s pale green suit wonderfully – if we’re lucky, Rockstar will add more colors in the future.

The discounts we’ve mentioned are designed to improve your chances of getting these special cargo crates if you’re under attack. Flat tires when shipping valuables is the quickest way to waste a lot of time on your investment, so a 50% discount on bulletproof tires should help. Of course, the driver’s health is also a top priority, so the price of the car armor has also been cut by 25%.


If you’d rather take to the skies than burn rubber, but don’t want to ground your arsenal, GTA Online offers a variety of military aircraft, including attack helicopters. One of these terrifying vehicles (albeit one of the least favorite players) is also for sale. You can grab the Annihilator for 25% off until Monday.

However, if you’re stuck on a walk or mission that requires you to leave your ride, you still won’t be without some toys. Ammunation runs sizable promotions on various products.


25% off all ammo types, parachutes, body armor, weapon bling and up to 7 guns. Weapons offered include Assault Rifles, Compact Rifles, Carbine Rifles, Combat PDWs, Submachine Guns, Machine Guns and Heavy Shotguns.

While Finance and Felony were only recently removed, players are already looking forward to the next GTA Online DLC. According to a post announcing F&F, the name of the next update has been revealed to be “Cunning Stunts” instead of “Stunt Ready” teased in previous posts. The three vehicles that were recently leaked are likely to be added to the game with this update.

Which part of GTA Online’s new campaign are you most satisfied with?

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