GTA Online Hangar Business Solo Earning Guide

GTA Online has tons of lucrative business options through which you can make millions instantly – some more than others. But building a business in the best possible way can be tricky for many.

No one thought that the smuggling business in GTA Online would be one of the lucrative businesses, commonly known as “the hangar business”.

After the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC update, hangars have become a viable moneymaker thanks to various buffs. This guide will walk you through every step of running a profitable “hangar” business.

buy hangar

First, you need to buy a hangar. Regardless of commercial activity, the Hangar should be a top priority for every GTA Online player, as it is the only way to store aircraft.

You can purchase two hangars at Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) and three hangars at Fort Zancudo.

Although Fort Zancudo hangars are expensive, they are much better as they allow you to enter Fort Zancudo without any wanted levels.

If tickets to Fort Zancudo are less of your concern, be sure to choose the cheaper option from LSIA. The cheapest is the LSIA Hangar A17 at $1,200,000 (base price). The most expensive of these is the Fort Zancudo Hangar A2 with a base price of $3,250,000. You can also opt for the less expensive Fort Zancudo with a base price of $2,650,000.

hangar living area

Most upgrades are purely cosmetic, but we recommend buying the living quarters (+$235,000) and studio (+$1,150,000). The living quarters allow you to spawn in the hangar, while the workshop allows you to upgrade your aircraft if you decide to go on aerial missions while procuring them. Fortunately, we won’t be doing aerial missions as a single player. Regardless, the seminar is a nice upgrade.


Once you’ve purchased a hangar, you’re ready to start your smuggling business. First, you need to source a product that you can sell to make money. You can do this by going to the hangar office and using your laptop. You can source eight different types of products. While each crate acquired sells for $30,000, there are multiple crate rewards of each type. Some have higher bonus percentages than others.

Hangar office.

For example, if you purchase 3 counterfeit items (crates), they sell for $90,000. If you have 5 counterfeit items, you will sell them for $150,000 and get a 5% bonus. The 5% bonus adds an additional $7,500, bringing the total profit to $157,500.

The Purchases tab on a laptop.

The reward percentage increases every five chests. So the next bonus percentage increase will be ten crates. You can have up to 50 crates of each product type for a hefty profit.

The spreadsheet below shows all bonus percentages. It’s also worth noting that Ron takes a 2.5% cut of gross sales.

Courtesy of Castlevania1995 on Reddit.

The graph shows that medical, chemicals, and narcotics are the most profitable products to sell, especially when you have 50 crates with a 70% bonus when you hit the cap.

You can also see that the medical, chemical, and narcotics departments are very respectful of your time, as you get a 35% bonus even with 25 crates. Therefore, we recommend purchasing one of these three for this business.

Air or Land?

When you start a procurement task, you have two options. You can perform land or air procurement missions.

Aerial procurement missions are one of the worst missions and very time consuming.

If you are a solo player, we recommend you to choose the land purchase mission, because the mission is simple and less time-consuming. It may take anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes to complete the land purchase task. If you have a fast car, you should be fine. Often, your organization’s Buzzard or even your oppressor Mark II will suffice. The Vulture can be a little slow, though. The Raiju Jet is also a great alternative to the Oppressor Mark II when performing land procurement duties.

cooling time

Another important thing to be aware of is the cooldown after completing the purchase quest. Each type has a different cooldown. You must wait for the cooldown to end before purchasing the product again.

As a single player, chemicals have a cooldown of 4 minutes.

Each chest type has a base cooldown, but the cooldown increases by 1 minute for each chest acquired. The table below shows the cooldown times for co-op and solo players. We are interested in individual cooldowns.

This chart is also from the same spreadsheet by Castlevania1995 on Reddit.

You might wonder how crates add up when you’re shopping. When playing with friends, the number of chests you can get increases according to the number of players you play with.

For example, if you have two friends playing with you, you have three players, including you. This allows you to acquire three chests during the quest, adding an extra cooldown after the quest is complete.

If you have three players and get counterfeits, your cooldown will be 4 minutes (1 minute base + 3 minutes for the three source crates). If you’re doing it alone, it takes 2 minutes (basic cooldown timer). As a solo player, you can only acquire one chest.


The Rooster is a new character introduced in your hangar in the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC update. You can talk to Rooster and pay $25,000 to purchase crates for you. However, he’s not the best if you want to maximize your profits.

The Rooster is also a good choice if you just want to complete smuggling challenges like “Buy 1,000 Crates”. Great option for passively filling up hangars.

When you pay Rooster to purchase crates, you cannot specify which crates you want to purchase. This can mess with your bonus structure. You cannot specify if you only want to procure narcotics, medical supplies or chemicals. You need to pay and pray. That’s why we think buying through Rooster is a waste of time.

If you don’t care about bonuses, he’s still a solid pick. But bonuses are the number one reason this business has become so lucrative.


Once you’ve sourced your product, you can sell it for a profit. You have to go back to the hangar office and use your laptop to sell your product. Go to the Sales tab from the top to see options for selling purchased products.

You can sell one product type or all available goods. It can be used to rotate between two cargo types, 25 of each (e.g. Narcotics and Chemicals), and then sell them all (50 crates in total) to maximize your profit and get the best work done.

Your sale begins when you click the “Sell for $XXX” button below the product name. You will again have the option to sell by ground or air.

As a single player, we recommend using land, it’s easier.

This is easier because no matter how many crates you sell, you will only get one vehicle for sale. If you choose the air sale option, you can get up to two, three or four sale vehicles, depending on the number of players in your organization.

If you choose land, you will always get a vehicle to sell all your wares as a single player. However, you must reach each location before the timer runs out. Luckily, the time you get is very reasonable and you can easily sell all the crates in a given time.

As a single player, you will always get ten drop off points.


If you sell 50 cases of medical supplies, chemicals or narcotics, you can earn $2,550,000 as a single player. This includes a 70% bonus. It might take a long time to source all the products, but it’s worth it. The consensus is that if you use Raiju or Oppressor Mark II, it can take anywhere from 5 to 7 hours in single player to get all 50 chests.

high demand bonus

If you decide to sell crates in a full public lobby, you’ll be eligible for the High Demand Bonus, an extra 50% bonus. If you sold 50 cases of medical supplies in a full public lobby, you’d make a whopping $3,825,000.

If your lobby has 18 players, you will get a 45% High Need Bonus (2.5% per player), and if your lobby has 20+ players, you will get a 50% High Need Bonus (2.5% per player).

Selling in public halls is very dangerous. Make sure you observe the lobby you’re playing in, if you see any vandals or players fighting each other, don’t sell in that lobby.

Sourcing products takes a long time, and if a vandal decides to target you on sale day, all your efforts will be wasted. This is a high-risk high-reward situation, but we recommend making sales at invite-only meetings.

hourly estimate

Let’s estimate how much you can earn per hour, assuming you’re a solo player doing land resource and sales missions. We can estimate that it takes a player about 5 minutes to find a chest with an Oppressor Mark II or a Raiju jet. That means about 12 crates an hour, bringing them $360,000 in profit (12 x $30,000). With the High Needs Bonus (50%), the bonus is approximately $540,000.

General Task Tips

When sourcing products, you can get different types of assignments. Land missions are surprisingly easy to complete, even as a single player. You’ll come across three or four types of missions, each requiring you to go to a specific location, grab a crate, and bring it back to your hangar.

Tip #1

In one of the procurement missions, you’re tasked with bringing back a container with a crate in it. You can save time by destroying containers and picking up crates.

You don’t have to lug the entire container back to the hangar.

The container is always reddish brown. Destroy it with explosive weapons and grab the crates. Fly back to the hangar in your Oppressor Mark II or Raiju Jet.

After the container was destroyed, the drug box fell to the ground.

Tip #2

When you get a shopping quest to open the garage shutter door, you need to find a generator box and destroy it. Generator boxes are always located on and around the exterior of the building. It is always within the yellow highlighted area on the minimap.

It’s never too far away.

Sometimes it is difficult to find as it may be behind an object such as a large container.

The generator is hidden behind the container

Tip #3

You can pick up these containers in your car.

That’s why the Oppressor Mark II is an excellent choice for purchasing these crates.

Tip #4

Whenever you’re given a procurement mission, you’ll have to head to the crash site to find dropped crates, stay in your vehicle, and drive around the yellow-highlighted area until the green crate is marked on your minimap.

The yellow area represents the crash site.

By doing this and searching the site safely, you can avoid fighting enemies. If you’re flying an Oppressor Mark II or Raiju Jet, you can do the same and take advantage of the height, as the crates will glow on the ground. It will look much better at night.

Medical supplies are located within this area.

Tip #5

you only get…

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