GTA Online Stunt Race Creators Now Available

GTA Online’s update has spawned DLC for about a month now, and it’s finally officially released – as evidenced by the update you’re downloading right now. The Stunt Race Creator is now available, allowing players to build their own challenging death tracks using all the new props seen in the official map released by Cunning Stunts and its two minor updates.

However, as we all suspected, the update also brings some extra content. Even the new creators include some previously unannounced features and a ton of props not seen in the sneaky stunts, and GTA Online is getting a new adversarial mode.

The content creator’s update was announced at the start of the summer, alongside the controversial Further Adventures of Finance and Felonies. This announcement comes after a handful of small updates over a period of time, leaving the community hungry for more content.


The concept was originally introduced as a direct revamp of GTA Online’s content creator and has remained virtually unchanged since its launch. The idea is to extend it with general props and tools, which in turn arises from the need to fix bugs.

Seeing that many of GTA Online’s features are barely affected unless direct intervention is required, Rockstar might think “well, if we’re going to hack it anyway, we might as well throw in more props and features”.

creator 2

The particular issue that required a change to the Creator was that after a given patch, for some odd reason, stacking props or bringing them close together would cause a bug where the player character could fall off the floor and below the map. This forced Rockstar to disable item stacking.

However, prop stacking proved to be a very important feature, as it was essential for creating “parkour” maps, and its removal made some designs impossible to create. Options have become very limited. The community was a little upset by this, and has been asking for the feature’s return ever since.


Well, now it’s here. The now-available Stunt Race Creator has brought it back with some more features. Some of these were discovered in advance through data mining, including sound effects props and the ability to edit and delete props that are part of the default GTA 5 world map.

A total of 250 new props and Content Creator features and tools have been added to make the user experience smoother and more convenient. The item stacking feature has returned as promised, and a bug that (hopefully) no longer causes players to fall through the map textures into the blue hell below.

cunning 1

With Creator updated in this way, you can expect hundreds of new custom races to appear in the game alongside the 27 official stunt races introduced through three Cunning Stunts-themed updates.

Apparently, there are 250 brand new props and a brand new UI to get your head around, and even seasoned Content Creator users might struggle to grasp the feature. That’s why Rockstar has put together some helpful guides for you to use, such as an informative Quick Start Guide in PDF format and a series of more in-depth guides posted to Social Club.

cunning 3

Rockstar is also teasing the inevitable Rockstar Verified Stunt Race Contest, where aspiring master map makers can take part in their best creations. The winner may receive some physical merchandise, just like in the Rockstar Editor contest. Some custom GTA Online work has been featured on Newswire, but these are not related to the game.

The update also brings a brand new adversary mode. While the GTA community generally hates these modes, Rockstar seems to love making them. There are some as well-loved by the community as Sumo and Slasher, but many modes are not very popular.

stunt map mod6

However, more recent power game modes have finally gained widespread popularity, restoring the popularity of adversarial modes to a certain extent. Rockstar is trying to replicate that success with another new model, this time featuring a CEO whose goal could easily become a VIP challenge.

The entourage features a team of bodyguards defending the VIP against an opposing team of assassins. The bodyguard has to make sure the VIP gets to his destination alive, and the assassin naturally needs to kill the VIP. It’s all in the books as far as adversarial modes are concerned, which used to be GTA Online’s way of trying out more “distant” game mechanics.


The entourage adds to the difficulty, as only the VIP knows where the pickup point is. The VIP also knows where all the assassins are, which makes communication with the bodyguard team essential, otherwise the protectors don’t even know where they need to go. That said, VIPs are not defenseless, as they will be fully armed and fully armed.

Creator 3

The release of the new update also brings a new week of events focused on new content. Playing the new Adversary Mode minions will earn you double RP and GTA$ until August 11th. To play more rounds, simply select the Event Playlist that contains all Entourage maps.

Some – we mean 2 in total – discounts also accompany the event as they always do. Both offer 25% off various Cunning Stunts customization options. The costumes and tattoos introduced in the latest DLC will all be cheaper at the stated prices.


In case that happens, and the 27 stunt races and 21 cars added in the last three updates aren’t enough to keep you busy, don’t worry, because Rockstar is bringing a long-awaited DLC to the game. While this has yet to be confirmed, some reputable people have posted what seems to be evidence that the Biker DLC is on the way.

If the information is true, GTA Online will get a lot of biker-themed content, including some new quests that are identical to the CEO and VIP quests, suggesting that being a biker gang member will be akin to being a CEO. It will have its own set of rules, limitations and advantages for those looking to engage in the new mission type.


A new customizable garage also appears to be coming to GTA Online, while increasing the limit on the number of properties you can own at any given time. This will be a breath of fresh air for car collectors out there who are running out of garage space like 5 updates. Others, like custom items, vehicles, even look like VIP challenges.

Have you tried GTA Online’s updated Content Creator features and new items? Will you create a game for the upcoming game?

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