GTA Online: Triple Rewards, New Unlocks, and More in Sumo Versus Mode

this week’s bonus

This week you have a chance to get both three times and double award at some events. Let’s look at them in detail:

3x GTA$ & RP:

  • Sumo Confrontation Mode (+ Remix)

2x GTA$ & RP:

  • Cyclist sells tasks
  • RC Gangster Race
  • time trial
  • RC Time Trial


Log in to GTA Online anytime this week to unlock Vapers Den Tee (Part of the Los Santos Summer Special Update).

Also, log in to unlock Dark X-ray emitting mask.

New podium trolley

This week’s top prize at Diamond Casino & Resort is the Albany V-STR. Turn the wheel and try to win!

In-Game Discount Content

50% off

40% discount

30% discount

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Source: @TezFunz2

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