GTA V meets Captain America: Civil War

Merfish’s new direction for his humorous GTA V fan video seems to be working well for him. So far, Merfish, the dreaded Abomination and Lord of Darkness, has focused on using the Rockstar editor and various mods to recreate the opening sequences of popular children’s shows — and taint them in the process. Merfish’s hallmarks are violence, shit, and dildos, so you can more or less imagine all the numbing horrors he brings to the world. Lately, he’s fallen in love with trailers for AAA superhero blockbusters.

While not an actual Avengers title, the next installment in Captain America’s solo series will bring the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe on board, not to mention adding some never-before-seen characters. The Iron Man-Captain fight may be the biggest focal point, but the massive hoe between Marvel’s most famous faces is nothing short of exciting.

SuperBowl, a marketing expo masquerading as some sort of sporting event, is not far behind us, and the new trailer is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Merfish jumped at the chance to recreate the first Civil War trailer in GTA V.

All the typical mermaidism is here. Captain America’s shield is made of shit, Falcon’s wings are made of dildos, and everyone is masturbating non-stop. Considering the original trailer was full of punches, shots, explosions, and more punches and kicks, referencing violence here doesn’t do much — which is why Merfish is focusing on his other assets.

GTA V’s Michael makes a surprisingly good Tony Stark, but that’s where the real parallels come from. The rest of the characters are completely out of place. The captain is Canadian Trevor, the black widow is an old lady, and Franklin is really not suitable for Falcon’s powerful features. Of course, this is Merfish, so these are completely intentional.

Which Merfish superhero movie would you like to see next in GTA V?

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