GTA V meets Titanic, sinks the internet

Oh, and there’s always a way for the GTA V community to find out what the world is missing. There are some things you just don’t realize you’ve been lacking until you finally get it, and these are one of them. Once again, the beauty and versatility of the Rockstar Editor shines through. The creative fire is still burning in the community, creating the most interesting fan-made content throughout the game.

Most GTA V fan videos made with Rockstar editors are re-creations of popular movie trailers – both serious and sarcastic – and you’d think it’s been done before. However, there are surprisingly few videos of this particular movie being remade in the game.

Of course, we’re talking about Titanic, James Cameron’s half-true-story romance about a ship and the uneasy relationship between a poor kid on an iceberg and a rich woman who’s engaged to someone. t-love-but-is-also-rich fall in love and fall into icy water.

This movie has (Somehow) received immediate critical acclaim and popularity, prompting a 3D re-release a few years ago. While the film lacks the harsh environmental message that Avatar instills in our minds, Titanic does send a profound message that poverty is okay as long as you live up to society’s ideals of appearance.

BTZ’s remaster of the Titanic 3D trailer, made entirely in GTA V, is an absolute masterpiece, and the only movie version I’ll ever take the time to watch. Michael playing Jack was an obvious choice, but looking at Trevor as Ross would get you doubly accepted – first because Trevor is Ross, and second because he actually fits.

BTZ intends to have scene-by-scene entertainment here, sprinkling subtle jokes and hidden humor in his version to keep it fresh and interesting. This video proves that the creator has considerable skill and experience with the Rockstar editor. Reviews generally praised his version, with many saying it was better than the original – again, this isn’t the only GTA V movie trailer to receive that honor.

Obviously, several mods were used when making the video, like the ship itself, but this doesn’t affect the experience in the slightest, as that wasn’t possible in vanilla GTA V.

What other critically acclaimed and popular movies would you like to see adapted into GTA V?

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