When you hear about Grand Theft Auto these days, chances are it has something to do with GTA Online, not the single-player portion of the game.

GTA Online continues to receive DLC updates, many of which grab global headlines at launch. Multiplayer reigns supreme when it comes to the player base – but what about that story DLC?

Over the years, there’s been a lot of conflicting news and confusion about any potential single-player DLC for GTA 5. We’ve gathered all the relevant information and answers to any questions you may have in this FAQ. Here’s everything you wanted to know about Franklin, Trevor, and Mikal going on an adventure but didn’t dare to ask.

Will GTA 5 have story DLC?

Do not.

Let’s tackle the big question first. It took a while, but we’ve now officially confirmed that GTA 5 will not receive additional single-player content.

It’s a shame, because when the game was released, the single-player portion of GTA 5 earned almost universal acclaim, and while some fan-favorite characters did make cameos in Online, that wasn’t the case.

So where did all the rumors and fuss come from?

official sources.

While we now know the official stance is a big “no” to story DLC (see above), things have looked a little different in the past.

The reason the community is so hyped about some of the story DLC is because Rockstar Games announced it at one point.

Considering GTA 5’s massive success, that’s not even surprising. While certain events at the end of the story mean Rockstar needs to set up DLC over the course of the existing story, or normalize one of three possible endings, this seems like a logical evolution of the game.

As for the specific content of the scrapped DLC, we can’t be sure.

The source code for some of the GTA Online DLCs contains a lot of leftovers, which makes them look like they were originally planned for single-player DLCs, most notably Heists and more recently Doomsday Heists.

However, GTA Online has a few words to say about it. The absolutely unexpected success of the multiplayer mode, which included equally successful microtransactions, apparently led to some reallocation of resources, and Rockstar suddenly released one GTA Online DLC after another.

When was the story DLC cancelled?

we do not know.

Much of the backstory of GTA 5’s story DLC has been shrouded in secrecy. At best, we can put a rough cancellation of the DLC sometime in 2014/2015.

What we do know comes from conflicting reports, which makes it appear that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive were not on the same page at one point. A Rockstar representative said that DLC would be made for GTA 5, but then a Take-Two representative issued a corrected statement saying that was not the case and everything was within days.

Adding to the confusion this time around is that several of Shawn Fonteno’s Instagram posts have been hinting at story DLC. Whether some or all of it was returned before the DLC was canceled, or if he was just trolling, we’ll never know.

Why are there so many fake GTA 5 Story DLC leaks?

Because it generates traffic.

Even today, so many years after the game was first released, there is still hope and hope when we’ve got official confirmation that there are no plans for single-player DLC. GTA 5 Story DLC or its variants are popular search terms. Fans may hope the possibility of it happening is worth investigating, or some just didn’t get the memo.

Even so, those who insist on 15 minutes of fame keep posting leaks, some more sophisticated than others.

So how do you add more content to a single player game?


If you’re playing on a console and you’re out of luck, you get everything. However, on PC, players can download fan-made mods to add or change the single-player portion of the game. In fact, it’s quite common to port content from online DLC to single-player games with mods.

What about the zombie DLC?

Alleged plan, definitely canceled.

Among the various rumors about what the story DLC would look like, if it wasn’t damaged by the headman’s axe, one of the most popular theories suggests that the zombie scene is similar to the one we saw in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

In the early days after the game’s release, data miners have found numerous references to zombies in the code. Files, code snippets, directories all indicate that the undead will appear in some form in the game.

While there haven’t been any zombie-related discoveries or any new GTA Online updates that will bring zombies to the game, future content for multiplayer may revive this abandoned idea in some form, as some other online DLC has already Cleared up any previous thoughts like this.

In true zombie fashion, the news of the death reared its head again in 2018, when data mined from game files circulated online again, although no new information was uncovered.

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