have a heart

have a heart is a 34° story mission for Grand Theft Auto IV, provided by Elizabeta Torres, and takes place in Bohan.

Elizabeta kills Manny and his cameraman, Niko disposes of the body.

  • Vehicles can also be dealt with by blowing them up or throwing them into the river, but this will not make money.
  • Little Jacob would call Nico and invite him out to dinner. This is an ironic joke.
  • If the car is damaged, the trunk can open suddenly and Niko can stop the car and close it.

Have a Heart: Mission Objective

  • boarding. Take the dead body to the doctor. You might want to close the trunk so the police might be able to see what’s inside. (If the trunk is open.)

Have a Heart: Mission Information

Game Edition Grand Theft Auto IV Mission Number 34 Mission Giver Elizabeta Torres Location Elizabeta’s Apartment, South Bohan State / Area Bohan Available after the mission (Story Mode)

Have a Heart: Video Walkthrough

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