Helicopter Checkpoint

Helicopter Checkpoint A side quest in GTA Vice City. Available after Rub Out and G-Spotlight are complete.

Pilot the sparrow helicopter through a series of checkpoints.

This is an optional effort, but it is 100% required Completion of the game. It’s not time-sensitive, meaning it can be played at any time, even after the main storyline is complete.

Helicopter Checkpoint – Mission Details:

The Helicopter Checkpoint Side Missions are a series of 4 Side Missions involving the Sparrow Helicopter.

During these missions, players must fly a helicopter through a series of aerial checkpoints. These tasks have no time limit.

The first three missions are unlocked after Rub Out, and the last mission is unlocked after completing G-Spotlight.Players are rewarded for each completed course 100 dollars.


Place Location no.checkpoint
ocean beach On the roof of the 3C apartment. 17 checkpoints
Vice point Zhongnan Open Park Area. 17 checkpoints
little haiti East Roof, behind Kaufman Taxi 22 checkpoints
city ​​center Construction east of VCPD headquarters 29 checkpoints

Helicopter Checkpoint: Mission Information

Mission Type Optional (Side Missions) Location Ocean Beach; Subpoint; Little Haiti; Downtown (Sub City) Available after Mission (Story Mode) 100% Yes

Chopper Checkpoint: Video Walkthrough

Original game guide (PS2, Xbox, PC):

Definitive Edition Remastered Walkthrough:

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