This Hermes Is one of the vehicles of Coupes Cars GTA Vice City.

Hermes in GTA Vice City is based on a real-life 1949-1951 Mercury Eight; Hudson Hornet; Fiat Brava.Hermes top speed is
99.42 mph (160.00 km/h)

This car also appears in GTA Online and GTA San Andreas.

Hermes: GTA Vice City Vehicle Information

Vehicle Class CoupesCars Monetary Value $19,000 Top Speed ​​- File 99.42 mph (160.00 km/h) Engine Type Gasoline Engine Placement Front End Based on (Real Life) 1949-1951 Mercury 8; Hudson Hornet; Fiat Brava Mass/Weight 1,950 KG Drivetrain FWD Gear 5

Hermes: GTA Vice City Statistics

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Overall score 65.00

Hermes: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Appears

Hermes Reborn Locations in GTA Vice City Here’s where to find Hermes in GTA Vice City:

  • Parked near apartment 3c
  • Ocean Beach, located on Ocean Drive, Washington Beach, and Vice Point

Notable owners: Umberto Robina similar vehicles

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