History of GTA Online DLC and GTA 5 Updates

One of the pillars of GTA Online news is speculation about upcoming DLC. Whenever Rockstar releases an update, it causes serious repercussions in the GTA V community and the gaming press.

Rockstar has been releasing free DLC packs since GTA 5 first launched in 2013, and for those who are jumping on the bandwagon at a later date (or on newer platforms), sorting it all out can be a daunting task.

Well, let us help you! Below, you’ll find a full list of all GTA Online DLC and updates, chronologically from newest to oldest, each linked to its own article that provides details. The only place to find a more extensive list of the latest updates is Rockstar Support ;).


  • GTA Online: Covenant – Turning attention to the story-driven, single-player content in Online, Covenant brings back Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre in a new narrative-focused adventure. Players join Franklin’s agency dedicated to solving tough problems for the elite, hang out with Dre in his studio, and accept a bunch of contracts to boost the company’s reps. There’s also a lot of standard DLC fluff here – clothes, cars, weapons. Rockstar also revealed that this is just the first chapter in our collaborative adventure with Franklin, and Covenant introduces a format we’ll see repeatedly in future content.
  • GTA Online: Los Santos Tuner – A major update brings a brand new peaceful car meeting place to the Cypress Flats LS Car Meet, including a test track and a bunch of vendors for players who are paying members use. The test track allows players to win a new car every week while trying out the upcoming drip vehicle DLC, and membership benefits also include the opportunity to purchase new auto shop property and participate in complex multi-part heist contracts. Los Santos Tuners also added 10 new cars to GTA Online.


  • GTA Online The Cayo Perico Heist – GTA Online’s biggest update ever, Cayo Perico Heist introduces a new landmass for the first time, as well as an ambitious new heist with optional settings and a single-player mode. Aside from the titular caper, The Music Locker opens beneath the diamond, has a new resident DJ, a bunch of new vehicles and outfits have been added to the game, and players can buy refurbished nuclear submarines.
  • GTA Online Los Santos Summer Edition – The big summer update brings 15 new cars, 6 new co-op missions that can be launched from yachts, and some expansions to existing events, including the Open Wheel Race Creator.
  • GTA Online Gerrard’s Last Stand – This update adds 6 new contact missions to the game.
  • GTA Online Open Wheel Races – This DLC adds Formula 1-style races to the game, including 7 tracks and 2 new cars with unique upgrade options.


  • GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist – Continuing the story of the Diamond Casino, players team up with Lester to rob its vault. A new arcade business is available alongside the planned hideout, along with 12 vehicles and a new side event. iFruit Radio is added to the game in this DLC.
  • GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort – The Diamond Casino presents many opportunities to lose money and some to win. Players can purchase personal penthouses, complete 5 narrative missions and some casino work missions. 6 cars were added to the game.


  • GTA Online: Arena War – Arena War came after a long period of no DLC, mainly due to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. This update introduces the Labyrinth Bank Arena, bringing 7 new game modes, career progression, and 12 new vehicles to the game. These can be upgraded and customized at the Arena Workshop.
  • GTA Online: After Hours – After Hours has brought the biggest change to how you make money in GTA Online, since The Further Adventures of Finance and Felonies launched the business. By incorporating warehouses, the business becomes a source of passive income. In addition to this, a new nightclub business has been added as well as seven new vehicles. Longtime fan favorites Gay Tony and Lazlow also return.
  • GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Supersport Series – A minor update that adds a new racing mode, Hotring Raceway, with 10 available tracks and a large vehicle roster, brought to GTA Online 13 new rides.


  • GTA Online: Festive Surprises 2017 – Returns the festive content from the previous Festive DLC with snowfall in the game on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
  • GTA Online: Doomsday Heist – GTA Online’s biggest DLC brings a new heist to the game for the first time since 2015, along with a ton of other content. Players can purchase new facilities and, in addition to unlocking new missions, also have access to Avengers, Flying Headquarters, Strike Squads, and Railguns. The Doomsday Heist brings end-game content to the game for the first time, one of the largest vehicle drops, 10 more gear slots, a new radio station, and new achievements.
  • GTA Online: Transformers – Another repeat of the stunt race, this DLC adds a new mechanic where driving through certain checkpoints will turn your vehicle into a completely different vehicle in a puff of smoke . Players can traverse a wide variety of tracks, from cars to planes to boats.
  • GTA Online: Smugglers Great Escape – Just a nominal callback to Rockstar’s old IP, Smugglers Great Escape brings the game’s focus back on air superiority by adding new mission-specific properties, hangars, and several planes and other craft superior. Smuggling missions see players procure prohibited items, bring them back to their hangars, and then go on to sell missions. This was followed by a plethora of weekly vehicle releases related to the topic of the update.
  • GTA Online: Shootout – The biggest DLC of 2017 adds a whole new criminal world to Southern San Andreas. Players can become supervillains through the new bunker headquarters, where they can launch illegal weapons trade missions and research new weapon attachments and upgrades. With a massive mobile operations center and weaponized vehicles, Gunrunning brings action to the road. New character customization options finally cater to military enthusiasts as well.
  • GTA Online Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit – This is the follow-up to 2016’s wildly popular Cunning Stunts, taking the original concept and incorporating some of Import/Export’s special vehicles. 20 new tracks have been added to the game designed around the abilities of Rocket Voltic, The Blazer Aqua or Ruiner 2000. The Progen GP1 classic supercar joins these tracks and removes the loot completion requirement for many vehicles, such as the Hydra and HVY Rebels.


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  • GTA Online Import/Export – Import/Export continues the long-running CEO series of updates, this time returning to the franchise’s roots with a renewed focus on stealing cars. This new mechanic joins a massive 60-slot garage, tons of vehicles and other content, including many unique “special vehicles” that all have some kind of special ability – or multiple. These include cars with jet engines in the rear, amphibious off-road vehicles and Knight Rider’s KITT, among others. That said, the actual import and export missions are the focus of the DLC, giving us the newest and most lucrative activity in the game, allowing players to earn a lot of cash in a relatively short period of time when done right.
  • GTA Online Halloween 2016 – While it adds a brand new Sanctus bike, the 2016 Halloween DLC is mostly a revamp of last year’s Halloween surprise. At least Franken Strange and Lurcher are back on sale!
  • GTA Online: Deadline – Deadline adds Shotaro Nagasaki to the game, a clear homage to Tron, and Deadline Versus mode, similar to the light loop battles in the same movie.
  • GTA Online: Cyclist – Rockstar has finally responded to the most popular community request to add a full Cyclist-themed update to the game. Bikers made a splash with 13 new bikes, clubhouses, new apparel, secret businesses and more. Even better, Rockstar has been updating it with low-volume vehicles since then.
  • GTA Online Stunt Race Creator – Originally intended to be part of Cunning Stunts, but Stunt Race Creator was delayed. The new update, released shortly after Cunning Stunts, gives players access to a host of new props used by stunt races through creators, allowing them to craft their own death trap circuits.
  • GTA Online: Cunning Stunts – Cunning Stunts joins the now-popular stunt race, as well as an absolutely massive arsenal of vehicles, in one of the best updates the game has ever received. Cunning Stunts also added premium events, allowing the best drivers in Los Santos to take bigger risks for bigger prizes.
  • GTA Online: A Further Adventure in Finance and Felony – A massive update that upends the standard GTA Online gameplay format cemented since the release of The Executive. Adding brand new crate quests, Finance and Felony gives players a rather lucrative alternative to heists, along with a range of new vehicles, outfits and more. Probably the best addition is the new weapon locker, which eases the game’s woes on the weapon wheel somewhat.
  • GTA Online Lowriders: Custom Classics – A relatively small DLC update that adds three new cars to Benny’s Original Motorworks, plenty of character customization options, two new weapons and a sumo confrontation mode.
  • GTA Online Becomes My Valentine DLC – Celebrating Valentine’s Day, this update brings back the old Roosevelt as well as newer versions. The DLC also adds new clothing options and a new confrontation mode called Till Death Do Us Part. Gusenberg Sweeper also returned.
  • GTA Online Drop Zone January 2016 Update – A minor update, this DLC adds two vehicles and a new Versus mode to Benny’s Original Motorworks.



  • GTA Online Festive Surprises 2015 DLC – Celebrating Christmas has become a GTA Online tradition – fireworks, snow, new cars and some new customization items.
  • GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals – The Executive Update is one of the largest updates in GTA Online, introducing a deep and tiered VIP and bodyguard system. Some new weapons and vehicles have also been added, as well as a late game superyacht.
  • GTA Online Halloween Surprise DLC – This creepy update adds a brand new confrontation mode, two cars, a weapon and new masks.
  • GTA Online Lowriders – A major update that adds a new contact to GTA Online, offers quests, and Benny’s Original Motorworks, a new car shop where you can customize lowrider vehicles. New weapons and outfits have also been introduced.
  • GTA Online Free Roam Activity – A major update, by erasing…

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