home on the hill

home on the hill It is a main quest in GTA San Andreas, given to CJ by Wu Zimu.

This is a chronological 92° San Andreas mission that takes place in Las Venturas.

Carl takes back Madd Dogg’s crib from Big Poppa

House in the Mountain: Mission Objective

  • Try to land on the roof of the mansion with the triad.
  • Help keep the roof clean until the triad arrives.
  • The triad is almost here, don’t let any of them die as soon as they hit the ground.
  • Take the triad in a mansion, for example.
  • Find Big Poppa in the mansion and kill anyone who gets in your way.
  • Big Daddy is downstairs, take him out.
  • Big Poppa is running, catch him!
  • Big Daddy left the mansion and followed him.
  • Catch up with Big Daddy and drive him off the road!
  • You have taken back Madd Dogg’s mansion.

House in the Mountain: Mission Information

Quest #92 Quest Type Mandatory Quest Giver Wu Zimu Location Four Dragons Casino (The Strip); Madd Dogg’s Crib State/Las Venturas Area

Home in the Mountain: Video Walkthrough

Original game guide (PS2, Xbox, PC):

Definitive Edition Remastered Walkthrough:

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