Hotring Tour Triple RP and GTA$ in GTA Online

Rockstar is once again offering better-than-usual bonuses ahead of the highly anticipated Casino DLC. Last week, we’ve seen some triple rewards promotions and various events that pay more than usual. Triple reductions in triple rewards, big payouts for three different events this week.

The first event on the 3x RP and GTA$ menu is the Hotring Tournament. Introduced in GTA Online’s most hated DLC, the Southern San Andreas Supersports series, the Hotring Tour brings NASCAR-style racing to the game. All races in this category pay triple rewards.

If professional racing isn’t your style, you can hop into the diminutive Weeny Issi Classic and race the car named after it, all of which take advantage of its diminutive size in some creative ways.If a car that saves as much legroom as possible is still somehow too big For you, RC Bandito Races is the third group of events that pays triple the reward.

However, casinos are all about spending money, and if they’re going to keep doing that, then this is probably the most expensive DLC in the game – and players need to be more prepared. Adding to all these triple bonus bonuses are some of the simpler and more common promotions. Until July 3rd, all Rockstar-created stunt races, as well as all time trials, will pay Double RP and GTA$ – and you’ll notice that every bonus event this week is racing-related.

This week’s login rewards are a little different. In the past we used to wear T-shirts for our characters, but this week it was a hoodie. A white Nagasaki logo hoodie to be precise, allowing you to represent your favorite Far Eastern bike maker while staying comfortable and warm.

Lots of vehicles are on sale this week, with price cuts ranging from 30% to 40%. Highlights include all vehicles participating in the Triple Rewards campaign – 40% off the Weeny Issi Classic, 35% off the Declasse Hotring Saber, 30% off the RC Bandito, and more.

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