How to Claim Prime Game Freebies for January 2021 in GTA Online

If you’re a Prime Gaming subscriber and haven’t linked your account to your Rockstar Social Club profile, you’ll be left with a bunch of freebies on the table. Not only do you get a steady stream of cash in Grand Theft Auto Online, but you also get tons of expensive upgrades and vehicles.

Part of the bonus you’ll get when you link your accounts is $200,000 in GTA$ per week, plus extra bonuses for 4 weeks of play, access to the exclusive Vespucci Canals nightclub, Kosatka submarine’s sonar station upgrade – Perico Heist DLC in Cayo – free, 80% off Pegassi Osiris and 70% off Progen PR4.

Sonar station upgrades typically cost GTA$1,200,000 and can be used to detect caches and chests, earning up to GTA$7,000 each. Meanwhile, with these discounts, the Osiris is down from $1,900,000 to $380,000 GTA, and the PR4 is down from $3,515,000 to “only” $1,054,500 GTA.

So how do you get all these bonuses and rewards? First, you’ll need an active Rockstar Social Club account and an active Amazon Prime Gaming subscription – this used to be known as Twitch Prime before the recent rebrand.

After logging into your Social Club account, you will be prompted to link your Twitch account. This will take you to another login screen where you will need to use your Twitch credentials, after which you can link that account to the one you use to play GTA Online on PC or the console of your choice.

All that’s left at this point is to launch the game, log in, and claim great rewards! Weekly GTA$200,000 will automatically be added to your in-game balance, and the Kosatka Sonar Station upgrade will automatically unlock if you own or buy a submarine. To get your car discount, you need to go to a Southern San Andreas Super Car Dealer or open their website and buy a vehicle.

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