Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online are huge open world experiences with a dizzying amount of things to see and do. You could say there are too many features to list, but we’ll do it anyway – and provide a guide on how to master all of these game mechanics. If you’re wondering how to do something in GTA 5, or how to do it better, we’ve got the answer below (or somewhere on the site).


Grand Theft Auto 5 (Story)

GTA 5 is the latest game in the long-running Grand Theft Auto series. Return to Los Santos, also featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a feature-rich open-world action-adventure game about Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillippe Assassin’s crimes, they plan and carry out some daring heists while getting mixed into a deeper conflict. When not playing story missions that describe their various shenanigans, you can spend time managing their business, playing side quests, engaging in common crimes, hunting collectibles, and taking beautiful screenshots while enjoying the scenery.

GTA Online (Multiplayer)

Once the possibilities in GTA 5 are exhausted – or you’re just a multiplayer person – explore the other side of the world. Entering GTA Online, you can create your own character and jump into a pseudo-MMO that takes place in the same map, but with completely different activities and features, which have been expanded over the years with multiple DLC packs, big and small. While largely the same, there are some key differences between the two modes that will change how you handle it as a player. We’ll take a look at everything both have to offer.

Extend and Enhance

On March 15, 2022, with the release of an expanded and enhanced port, GTA Online underwent what may be the most significant shift and change in its history – Indie. Breaking away from the primary single-player experience, Online will live on its own as a dedicated multiplayer game. Between that and its growing popularity, even after all these years, it’s reasonable to assume Indie is to ensure that Online will outlive GTA 5 and will continue to be supported even as the franchise moves on – premise is it. There is still a player base to warrant it. As things stand now, it definitely will.

The expansions and enhancements also bring a wide range of improvements to Online and Story Mode, including graphical enhancements, new content, UI overhauls, technical improvements, and more.


GTA 5 and Online can be a lot to deal with for new players. Developer Rockstar Games has done a great job of making it easy for you to learn about new features and providing tutorials, but it can still be pretty daunting. To get a better idea of ​​the characters you’ll be controlling – since there are three of them – you can check out our guide to Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Get to know them as you will spend a lot of time together! After completing the game’s prologue, you’ll be transported from frigid North Yankton to Los Santos and Blaine County, a huge open world where the rest of the game takes place. Since the map is large, it’s best to keep our interactive map handy so you never get lost.

your phone

While playing, you’ll notice that a lot of features work from your in-game smartphone. All three characters – and your GTA Online protagonist – basically have access to their phone anytime, and it acts as a secondary menu. In addition to the multitude of apps that exist on your phone for quests, buying items, or adding backstories and lore, you can actually call people – or answer them. It’s convenient to know what the phone number means, although an ID is usually attached to make things easier.

General Guidelines

Some of you may choose to jump into GTA Online right after playing the tutorial, skipping the story mode entirely. While we don’t encourage this, we can’t stop you either, so the GTA Online guide covering the more basic elements of the game will also be referenced here. For those who have played the game and understand GTA-specific terminology, our general Story Mode tips and tricks – and the GTA Online equivalent – will definitely come in handy!


If you’re playing GTA 5 on a newer platform – what it means other Than PS3 or Xbox 360 – you can switch to first person view. The default is third person, and both modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Check out our guides to decide which one is best for you.


You’ll have plenty of battles in GTA 5 and Online, and you can expect more challenges from the latter when facing other players. Combat mostly involves shooting, but there are some melee weapons available and you can also fight. It pays to have a good understanding of the mechanics and weapons.

Shooting is pretty standard fare in both third- and first-person views. You can aim the sight, switch between guns and reload without losing the bullet in the magazine you’re throwing (if it’s not empty). There is a weapon customization feature, and several classes with different weapon types have their own ammo.

There are tons of weapons in the game waiting to be picked up, bought or unlocked (the incredibly powerful Railgun has its own separate process). Dangers await around every corner when running around the open world, especially in online mode where seasoned players have been preying on newbies, but you can also be intimidated by hostile NPCs during random events in story mode. Grief is an ongoing issue in multiplayer modes, usually done using Hydra jets or other craft.

Fighting other players in GTA Online is significantly different and more challenging than facing NPC opponents – unless they’re cops, as the LSPD is apparently made up entirely of omnipotent robot cops who always know where you are and where you are what to do – and requires different tactics and strategies, depending on the game mode.


Vehicles are an essential part of GTA 5 and online – the “car” in the name betrays it a bit – and many game modes and missions revolve around driving and driving various cars, planes, boats, bikes, helicopters, tanks, and more. Sometimes, in certain situations, the vehicle is the key to success, so it pays to know your way around.

story mode

In story mode, vehicles are usually only about your personal preferences. If the mission requires a specific vehicle, it will most likely be available, or you have already purchased it in a previous mission. With enough money in your pocket – we’ll get to that later – you can buy any car you like and of course steal them when you’re just cruising around the open world.

That said, it’s important to know how many hits a car can take, as it can mean the difference between life and death — just as much in online mode as it is in story mode. If you want to entertain yourself in GTA 5, the expansive map has many scenic and hidden routes to explore and take lovely photos. If you’re into off-roading, there are a number of lesser-known trails around the northern half of the map – some of which may be useful for sneaking, indirect approaches to targets during certain missions.

GTA Online

In Online, cars are more of a commodity, and finding specific models when they are needed for certain tasks is not that simple. Repo Work, where you’ll find certain cars for a character named Simeon, but won’t accurately mark the cars on your map. Knowing where certain types of vehicles naturally spawn in GTA Online maps can help simplify these tasks.

Of course, there’s the eternal question of what car is the “best.” Because of the already massive vehicle library online that continues to grow with each DLC, the answers over the years have been different from those in Story Mode. Whether you’re trying to dominate the race or looking for the best escape car, there’s always a car that’s perfect for the job. It just keeps changing.


single player

Throughout the GTA 5 storyline, you will encounter various types of missions. Some are mandatory for the progression of the story, some are not. Some will include fights, some will include driving, and some will include large complexes like robbery. Different mission types will have different types of mechanics and objectives, which the game helps to showcase, but sometimes things get a little more complicated than usual.

The main mission that drives the entire storyline in the most important way is the carefully planned heist by your brave crew. These fall into a more complex category, and sometimes you may need some help to get the best results.

As mentioned, the content doesn’t end with a story mission. If you’re a completionist looking for 100% completion, or want to unlock all achievements – there are many! – And then sooner or later you’ll encounter random events and side quests, like the murder mystery that Michael gets involved in.

In terms of game mechanics, the interaction between the in-game stock market and Leicester’s assassination mission is probably the most complex, but if you play your cards right, you’ll be swamped with cash.


Progression in GTA Online is slightly different, as there is no overarching narrative or pacing that ties things together. As long as you have enough money, you can do anything at any time.It can be a little daunting because you have so many were able Do it online. When the game throws you into the open world after a tutorial with a million icons on the map, it’s easy to get lost.

When you start GTA Online for the first time, it helps to know a little bit about the game and buy some key items, after which you can seriously start your long journey through the game’s rich content.

As you move up your ranks by earning RP or Ranking Points…well, basically anything, you’ll steadily start unlocking new items and weapons.

Different activities will boost your various stats, all of which will give you some kind of game advantage, so it’s a good idea to try and maximize these stats as soon as possible. While it may be tempting to dive head-first into the latest and most profitable content, you may not have the funds to get started and become familiar with the simpler ones – including jobs, races, networking tasks, and side events like car repossession. Simeon – Can be a great launchpad before diving into more complex activities.

Heists were introduced to GTA Online via DLC, and while many popular and game-changing DLCs followed, they are still relevant to this day and should be your first…

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