Similar to the Phantom Car event and Los Santos Slasher event, the new Cerberus event features a haunted truck inspired by the 1971 action thriller film Duel.

Trucks intimidate players by chasing them and crashing into them. If you walk, you are guaranteed not to survive. If you are in the car, the truck will hit you until the car explodes and you are dead.

General information

Trucks spawn as part of the Los Santos Tuner Exotic Exports vehicle, which you must deliver to the dock. Like the original random event, Exotic Exports vehicles are randomly generated. However, Cerberus trucks are produced in only 12 of the 100 exit vehicle locations in Blaine County and Los Santos.

This event can be fired in a public or private session as long as there are at least two players in the session. Other requirements are as follows:

  • Players must not be inside buildings (apartments, arcades, garages, etc.).
  • The player must be in free mode.
  • Players must walk or ride a normal land vehicle. Overland vehicles are for vehicles on the road only. You can’t be on helicopters, planes, oppressor MK2s, boats, or even weaponized land vehicles.
  • Players must spend at least 16 minutes in the session.

There is no specific time for the event, as long as the above requirements are met, it can be triggered at any time.

As mentioned, it is generated as an exotic export vehicle, represented by a blue dot on the map. If you see an Exotic Exports vehicle in any of the 12 locations we show below, the truck will also be parked nearby and easy to see. Cerberus trucks do not have drivers.

When you get in the car, the Cerberus truck will kick in and start chasing you. It will keep hitting you until you die or deliver the vehicle at the dock.

If you overtake the truck somehow, it teleports directly behind you. Yep, it’s exactly the same as Dragon Ball Z Shunden. You can either deliver the vehicle by surviving the horror truck or survive within 5 minutes after which the truck will stop chasing you and end the event.

If you have an idea about rigging your truck before you get into the Exotic Exports vehicle, you’re out of luck as the vehicle won’t be attacked by all types until you get into the Exotic Exports vehicle.

Below are all 12 possible spawn locations where events can be triggered. The red circles highlight where the trucks will be parked and the blue circles are where the Exotic Exports vehicles will be parked.

position 1

Elbro Heights.

position 2

Los Santos International Airport.

Location 3

Mirror Park.

position 4


position 5

Pill Box Mountain.

position 6

Vespucci Canal.

Location 7

Pacific cliffs.

Location 8


position 9

Greater Senora Desert.

position 10

Greater Senora Desert.

position 11

grape seeds.

position 12

Paleto Bay.

Full map overview

The image below is a high-resolution image. We recommend clicking it for a better view of all locations.

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