Grand Theft Auto fans just want news about the game. According to rumors, if Microsoft is to be believed, a trailer will be released any day before the game’s release in 2025 or 2024. A different source even claims they’ve seen the GTA 6 announcement trailer.

Technically, we’re always getting closer to a GTA 6 reveal.

According to Brazilian YouTuber SanInPlay, the GTA 6 trailer has been completed, and the game’s two protagonists, Lucia and Jason, will appear. SanInPlay was one of the first companies to publish information about Lucia’s name and Spanish origin. Now, they’ve added that the upcoming GTA game’s trailer will feature a plane, a lizard, and then cut to “Lucia working out in prison.”

If it’s any consolation, this lines up with earlier rumors about the type of personality our protagonist will have.

Now the question is, when will we next hear more about GTA 6? Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, will host its third-quarter 2023 earnings call on February 6. Our punters will tell you to keep an eye out for any new developments at that time. However, we’ve been burned before, so we can’t say exactly when GTA 6 will be announced. Of course, all indications are that Rockstar will reveal GTA 6 this year, and the last we heard, Super Bowl LVII will take place on February 12th.

Rockstar has never revealed or shown off GTA at the Super Bowl before, but hey, there’s a first for everything.

Gta Announcement Trailer LeakedA 30-second Super Bowl ad last year reportedly cost $6.5 million, which is a piece of cake considering the amount of money Rockstar made from GTA 6.

At the end of the day, we’re still a long way from the reveal of GTA 6, so you might as well keep yourself busy in GTA Online. The latest update brings a ton of new content to the popular online game, including railguns.

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