Any online multiplayer game will attract cheats and exploits – it’s basically a rule of thumb. It’s not that developers don’t care, because most people do, but cheaters will always find a way to ruin someone else’s experience. Plus, cheaters are more than happy to take advantage of this lucrative industry. But while cheats and hacks rarely cause minor annoyances, Grand Theft Auto Online is currently the victim of a dangerous account banning attack.

The GTA Online community is hunting down the perpetrators behind these bugs, while Rockstar Games has remained silent on the issue.

Tez2 reports that a new GTA Online exploit could allow cheaters to mess up everything from stats to compromising your account, which could result in your account being permanently banned or removed from the game.

Taz2 warns that the “partial remote code execution” glitch is being abused, and some are paying to find out how much damage it can do. Insiders speculate that the bug could affect PC performance, which is why the GTA Online community would like all players to refrain from playing the game entirely during this time. Even Speyedr, creator of the popular anti-cheat tool Guardian, is discouraging players from logging on. They even banned access to these tools, “trying to dissuade users” from playing GTA Online and trusting Guardian to protect them.

It’s unclear who was behind the bug, but Rockstar has yet to issue a statement on the issue.

Due to its popularity, we can expect Rockstar to pull out all the stops to find the reason behind the exploit and release a patch.

Gta Online Players Avoid Playing Extreme VulnerabilitiesRockstar Games needs to resolve this issue ASAP before it causes permanent damage to gamers’ PCs.

Sadly, just as Rockstar released the latest update to GTA Online, the bug appeared. We’re guessing players will have to wait a while before they can safely take a taxi.

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