Rockstar Games has finally unveiled what was expected to be added to GTA Online when it was first released, taxi missions. Taxi missions are a classic side job in every GTA game so far. It provides a way to pass the time and earn monetary rewards in GTA games.

With the release of GTA 5, it appeared in Story Mode, but not in GTA Online. Thankfully, over a decade after its release, we’ve now added taxi missions as an oddity in GTA Online. Players can now pick up passengers and drop them off at their destinations for rewards and additional achievements.

taxi job

To start the taxi mission, the player must go to the Downtown Cab Co. and start the activity or own a cab and start there directly. Players can take passengers to specific locations for cash.

cab position

cab position

You can buy a cab from Warstock Cache & Carry for $650,000 or $487,500 in trade. The trade price will unlock after completing 10 consecutive fares in taxi missions.

Players can also purchase custom taxis, which can be fully customized and tuned once they reach sponsorship level 25 in Arena Battles. Custom taxis are more reliable, as the player can tune it for better protection and greater speed.

Taxi’s work is endless, and the overall fare is constantly rising. Just like the classic taxi missions from the previous game, you have to reach a certain milestone to stop the taxi mission. Players can stop after completing 1, 5, 50 or 100 fares.

taxi passenger

So how do these taxi missions pay? Each customer you choose pays a fixed fare and a variable tip. Variable tipping can increase or decrease depending on your level of driving. The more erratic the drive, the less variable tip. The better you drive, the better the variable tip.

taxi fee

You should avoid reckless driving because the taxi cannot be repaired at LS customs during the mission. You don’t need to worry about the time limit, so take your time when offering rides to customers. Avoid hitting other vehicles and reach your destination as quickly as possible. You gradually lose the variable tip as you spend more time getting to your destination.

The base fixed fare will increase with each successful customer drop. However, the variable tip bonus price will cap after the 10th customer in a row. After an unusual customer, add $100 to the tip. Capped after the tenth client, as mentioned. Once the ticket price hits the cap, you can earn around $15,000.

taxi uniform

Completing taxi missions multiple times will also unlock unique liveries for certain vehicle types. You can unlock the following camouflages:

  • Downtown Cab Co. Livery for Broadway Muscle Cars: Complete 50 Taxi fares.
  • Downtown Cab Co. livery for Willard Eudora muscle car: Perform 10 stunt jumps.

You don’t have to complete 50 fares in a row. You can take a break in between. You can perform stunt jumps multiple times on the same spot. To complete this challenge, you don’t have to find different stunt jumps. While these two vehicles exude a classic taxi aesthetic, unfortunately, we couldn’t use either of these vehicles for taxi missions.

The best way to complete the stunt jumping challenge is to head to the bridge next to the maze bank. There’s a simple trick jump that you can repeat over and over until you’ve done 10 jumps.

Taxi stunt jumping location

Taxi stunt jumping location

fast travel

In addition to the new taxi jobs, players on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S can also hail a cab to quickly travel to specific locations. Players can do this by going to their phone contacts list and calling Downtown Cab Co.

hail a taxi and fast travel

You can go to a fixed point of interest. You can choose to drive the entire way, or pay $1,000 to get there immediately without a car. GTA+ members can skip this tour for free. If you set a custom tag or select a store, hideout, or business, the Trip Skip feature doesn’t work on them.

hail a taxi and fast travel

When the player uses the Trip Skip feature, each skip has a 48-minute cooldown. It’s only 5 minutes for GTA+ members though, allowing them to use the feature more often.

The ten POIs (and other locations such as Ammu-nation, Tattoo Parlors, Clothing Stores, etc.) that players can quickly travel to are as follows:

  • Los Santos International Airport.
  • Del Pero Beach.
  • Galileo Observatory.
  • terminal.
  • Legion Square.
  • Chumash.
  • Tongwa Mountain.
  • sandy coast.
  • grape seed.
  • Pareto Bay.

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