Rockstar Games continues to add new content to GTA Online despite the game’s years of history. GTA Online has recently received several Christmas-themed events and content.

Now, Rockstar Games has added the Gun Van and a new Railgun that players can purchase from the Gun Van.

Gun Van can spawn in 30 different possible locations. Spawn locations are chosen randomly each day at server reset.

Unfortunately, like other daily reset collectibles, the Gun Van does not appear on the map. You have to go through all 30 possible spawn locations to find it. Once you get close to where Gun Van spawns, it will appear on the map. A small van icon on the map will indicate it.

It’s also worth noting that the Gun Van location is the same for all players around the world.

If your friends find the Gun Van before you, they can tell you where it is, and you can head to it in your own session. Gun Van can be spawned in public and invite-only sessions.

Wagon Icon Appears Gun Wagon

You can buy a variety of items at Gun Van, including weapons, armor, throwables, and even a railgun. As you approach the van, the rear doors automatically open for you. You can chat with the seller behind to buy items.

Gun Van Convertible Gun Van

new rail gun

As mentioned earlier, there are 30 possible spawn locations, and the van will rotate between all 30 locations each day. The map below shows all 30 possible spawn locations for Gun Van. This is a high resolution image, so we recommend that you click on it to open it for better visual quality. You can also refer to our interactive map to find where Gun Van spawns.

Gun Fan Map High Resolution

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