GTA 5 and Online are known for putting out some of the fanciest cars that players in the franchise can enjoy in-game. The series has gained a huge following over the past decade due to the free-for-all gameplay and action GTA 5 offers. One of them is the customization aspect of all the different vehicles that you can drive and race.

GTA Online has introduced many different vehicles over the years, and whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore racing fanatic, the game has something for every fan. However, one thing remains constant, and that of all the positive changes we’ve seen in the GTA series, most notably in the latest GTA 5 and online. That is the increased spawn rate of the same vehicle the player drives.

This has inadvertently become a “main” feature of the GTA series, seen in many notable GTA games like Vice City, San Andreas and even GTA 3. Interestingly, this is also the source of many internet memes. Whenever you see multiple vehicles identical to yours in real life, GTA comes to mind. The way it works is that if a player drives a specific car around a city, the spawn rate of that same vehicle will increase in the city. Players will encounter the same car at every turn and corner. If you want to try it yourself, try spawning in a vehicle from one of the above games using the cheats from our cheat code library. Drive around in that car. You will notice the same car on the road within 1 minute of driving.

Over the years, Rockstar seems to have decided to tone it down a bit. However, we can still experience it in GTA 5 and Online. It’s even more prominent in GTA 5’s story mode. But we also have several areas in GTA Online where we can “manipulate” the game to produce a vehicle of our choice, to a limited extent of course.

One of the most popular GTA Online vehicles is the modified Dubsta 2, which players used to find driving around Los Santos. After obtaining a modded Dubsta 2 from a specific location, the player can travel to another location, as the player is already driving the vehicle and the vehicle’s spawn rate will be higher. This was a less lucrative way of making money at the time. However, it’s still something that many players experiment with early in the game and find profitable.

Some even just get excited about spotting an extremely rare modified vehicle in the wild. It’s rare to find modified vehicles in free roam, and that’s what gets exciting. Most of the modified vehicles are customized by the players themselves.

The previous method required you to first find a modded Dubsta 2 to spawn more. However, thanks to the Diamond Casino Heist update, we no longer have to find one. We can generate one in there and use it to find the modified Dubsta 2 fairly quickly. If the previous methods didn’t work for you, follow this guide on how to find a modded Dubsta 2 in GTA Online. Note that you can do this in both public and private sessions. However, we recommend doing this in a private session, as other players in the same area as you can mess with the spawning algorithm. Plus, considering the spoilers of GTA Online, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

First, head to LS Customs in Burton. This is the most famous LS customs in the center of Los Santos.

Look around the LS Customs parking lot to make sure there are no cars parked in the area. If you don’t see any vehicles, you’re good to go. However, if you do see a vehicle. Either destroy them, or simply hit them with your vehicle to misplace them. This makes the game think that the vehicle no longer “exists” in the area, and deletes the vehicle once we complete the next steps.

Afterwards, call Ms. Baker at Diamond Casino and use her car service to order Dubsta. If you don’t have Ms. Baker’s contact information, you’ll need to go to The Diamond and order a MacBeth whiskey stout in the casino’s main bar or penthouse (if you have one). Keep shooting until you pass out and wake up in a random location. Keep doing this until you get a call from Agatha Baker. After the call, she will be added as a contact on your phone.

So, after ordering Dubsta from Ms. Baker, get in the car and follow the route from point A to point B as shown in the picture below. That’s about four loop blocks you’ll have to make and return to LS Customs.

Once near LS Customs, slow down and look slightly to the left. Just pan the camera slightly to the left before turning right into LS Customs alley. As shown in the picture below, we are close to LS Customs alley, but look slightly to the left.

Once parallel to the alley (or sign), you can turn right and cross the alley. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Feel free to refer to our video guide on how to do this effectively.

When you turn right into the alley or car park of LS Customs, you should see a converted Dubsta 2 parked there. If you don’t see it, repeat the process. It may take up to 20 attempts, 10 attempts, or one attempt. But it always works. We successfully generated the car in one attempt. Also, make sure the time is past 8am the car has a higher chance of showing up between 8am and 4pm If you still don’t see the vehicle after several attempts, start a new private session and repeat.

If you don’t like the color of the generated vehicle. Continue to repeat the route. When you return to LS Customs, there is a chance to spawn a modified Dubsta 2 in a different color. Also, if you want to keep the car yourself and keep it in the garage, go to LS Customs and put a tracker on it.

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