The GTA Online RPG server NoPixel is one of the most popular private servers in the game. It’s an exclusive community of streamers, and it’s engaging, with millions of viewers every month. It’s also been described as one of the most advanced online spaces and communities, which says a lot considering how toxic the internet is. But, as NoPixel quickly discovered, it can go wrong.

NoPixel acted quickly to prevent the situation from getting worse.

NoPixel’s newest servers are dedicated to Arabs. Since the servers are relatively new, the management team can be a little confused.

In a recent “update,” the management team behind the Arabic NoPixel server claimed that the server banned any form of LGBTQIA+ on the server, as it was against their religious beliefs. Unfortunately, NoPixel was quickly called out by the Internet for its hypocritical posturing.

The job of an RP server is to let people do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

The main problems started when the incident was reported on the Internet. If NoPixel wants to stick to its religious principles, it will ban many of the funniest activities in GTA Online for any player, including robbery, robbery, and murder.

After much objection and deliberation, NoPixel has confirmed that the short-lived Arabic NoPixel server no longer exists.

NoPixel assures fans that they will refund any monies paid to join the Arab GTA Online NoPixel RP servers.

NoPixel Arab is off
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Dantexstar, the anchor of the clash, was not spared either. The whole thing started when NoPixel Arab made their initial announcement for playing an LGBTQ+ character on the server. The confession threatened to ban him if he didn’t stop and remove his rainbow-colored bracelet and remove the LGBTQ+ hashtag from his Twitch stream.

While Dantexstar complied, the shutdown led some players to blame him for it. Since the shutdown, he has received homophobic comments. However, fans gathered behind Dantexstar to show him their support. NoPixel has also whitelisted Dantexstar on its main GTA Online PR server, so fans will be seeing more of him soon.

Despite the controversy, NoPixel deserves credit for moving quickly. Otherwise, the story would have escalated further and been picked up by the mainstream media. If that happens, the public outcry will put pressure on Take-Two Interactive to take drastic measures. At that point, we won’t know what Take-Two will do.

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