For years, GTA Online players have claimed that loading story mode and then going online is much faster than loading online directly, but there isn’t much evidence to support either. Now, a curious player decided to put it to the test. Believe it or not, the results sparked discussions online.

Fans are requesting a feature to help shave seconds off the way GTA Online currently handles.

According to the comparison video uploaded by u/MineVideo86, it takes 1 minute and 27 seconds to load the story mode first and load the GTA Online mode. In contrast, loading Online directly takes longer — at least a minute, according to the video. The latter is considered hacking because it allows players to continue their criminal activities with friends. Unfortunately, as the video shows, hacking doesn’t save much time at all.

One explanation is that GTA Online doesn’t have the option for players to load directly into a single-player and/or invite-only session. Loading directly online will consume more time because the game has to find the public lobby first.

Rockstar Games has a history of listening to fan needs, so who knows?

In fact, Rockstar doesn’t allow players to default to the type of session they want to load by logging directly into Online.

Because of this, some GTA Online players have started petitioning Rockstar to add the much-needed feature of loading directly into solo and/or invite-only sessions. As of this writing, the petition currently has 58 signatures. It takes a lot more than that to make Rockstar listen to you.

Comparing the loading time of GTA Online between loading directly and loading from gtaonline to story mode first

In the meantime, one solution is to play games on platforms that use SSDs instead of HDDs. Many users commented that videos take longer to load. The uploader explained that both clips were taken from a PC running GTA V or GTA Online on an HDD. In both cases, using an SSD shaves at least a full minute off load times (if not more).

Both the Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 ship with SSDs. However, the PS5 should have an advantage, as its SSD uses proprietary technology to speed up load times. Then again, the Xbox Series S/X has a Quick Resume feature that allows gamers to log back into their most recent game without loading it, so load times will likely be equal on both consoles.

Upgrading older consoles and PCs to use SSDs will help a lot with load times.

Regardless, you’ll probably want to log into GTA Online as soon as possible. Rockstar recently released The Last Dose update. You might also be wondering how to get the free Ocelot Virtue in GTA Online.

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