Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have made it clear that in the latest updates to their role-playing server policies, it does not want any part of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Rockstar Games does not want anyone else to profit from GTA Online.

Much of the new policy is technical jargon, but the gist of it is that Rockstar wants GTA Online players to know it will continue to support the RPG servers, and wants them to “thrive in a safe and friendly manner.” However, it also wants players to clarify that it doesn’t want people to associate GTA Online with anything that links the GTA brand to NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Rockstar didn’t explain what prompted the policy change, but it’s almost certainly related to a recent press release announcing the sale of NFTs offering access to exclusive GTA Online role-playing servers.

Considering this isn’t the first time this has happened, Rockstar and Take-Two decided to play it safe and prevent things from escalating.

Rockstar Games has done a great job of supporting GTA Online and making sure their community remains engaged at all times.

It’s easy to see how letting this continue could be seen as Rockstar backing NFTs and cryptocurrencies. By drawing the line, Rockstar and Take-Two are making it clear that they don’t want people to take advantage of GTA Online’s success, and that’s their right.

Rockstar spent years nurturing the GTA brand. Gamers don’t have the best opinions on NFTs and cryptocurrencies, so it’s understandable why developers don’t want to risk more controversy for minimal to no return.

After a disastrous launch phase, GTA Online is still going strong. Since GTA 6 is likely years away, Rockstar will want to continue supporting GTA Online until the end of GTA 6, if only as a way of sustaining itself as it experiments with potential new features for the upcoming GTA game, such as fast travel.

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