You might think that Rockstar Games has added everything to GTA Online, but you’d be wrong. The now-standalone GTA 5 Online expansion has several features, but it doesn’t have something fans have wanted for years: fast travel.

It would make sense to test fast travel in GTA Online first, before possibly implementing it in GTA 6.

However, after years of pleas, it appears Rockstar is finally listening.

According to Tez2, Rockstar sent out a survey asking GTA+ and which features members use least and most. In the same survey, Rockstar brought up two features it was considering adding to the game: fast travel and access to “classic Rockstar games.” We’re curious to see how most GTA Online players will react if Rockstar goes ahead with this plan. Currently, GTA+ only has a handful of rewards.

Technically, there are multiple ways to fast travel in GTA Online. For example, the player can hail a taxi to go to a specific location on the map. Currently, players cannot instantly teleport anywhere in Los Santos. Therefore, if implemented, GTA+ subscribers would have a significant advantage over non-members. Tez2 added that a GTA+ survey revealed that fast travel in GTA Online will allow players to “fast travel in Los Santos and Blaine County for free.” If nothing else, we can see this as something Rockstar tried out in GTA Online before implementing the fast travel feature in GTA 6. I believe that compared with GTA 5 and GTA online mode, the map of GTA 6 will be much larger.

Unfortunately, the investigation did not shed light on how Rockstar will implement the system. Still, GTA Online players are salivating at the idea of ​​enjoying a properly implemented fast travel mechanic in the game.

Hopefully we’ll hear about Rockstar’s plans for Los Santos public transit soon.

It will be interesting to see what else Rockstar Games adds to GTA+ to boost subscriber numbers.

Speaking of GTA, we just learned that Rockstar had turned down the chance to adapt the game into a live-action movie, starring Eminem. Finally, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick believes that the recent leaks will not affect the development of GTA 6.

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