Anticipation continues to mount for the sixth installment in the mainline Grand Theft Auto series. It’s no secret that fans have been anticipating more information about GTA 6 since it was confirmed last year. However, many may be wondering why the development of the game seems to be taking longer than expected. After all, there was a gap of three to five years at most in the previous mainline works. However, as it turns out, there is a good reason for this.

Basically, what Strauss Zelnick was saying was that Rockstar Games knew they were under pressure to deliver the best game ever.

According to Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick, Rockstar Games’ relentless effort and relentless determination to strive for the best are the reasons for the extended development timeline for GTA 6.

Quote (via TweakTown):

I think the folks at Rockstar take on this challenge every time there’s a new version of Grand Theft Auto. On the one hand it needs to be something you’ve never seen before, and it needs to reflect how we feel about Grand Theft Auto. This is a big challenge for the team. Now, Rockstar’s answer is perfection; pursuit perfection, and we’ll get there.

The development of GTA 6 has reportedly taken up the vast majority of Rockstar’s resources for the better part of a decade.

It’s important to understand that game development, especially one from a high-profile franchise like GTA, is a complex and meticulous process.

The gaming world has changed dramatically in recent years. As the demand for better and bigger games grows, so do budgets. Rockstar found itself having to deal with rising quality standards, a problem it helped solve years ago.

Not only did Rockstar have to outshine everyone else in the gaming industry, but it also had to make sure GTA 6 lived up to the hype and became the new creative benchmark for the entire gaming industry.

That’s a daunting task for anyone, even Rockstar. However, this is a reality that developers must face. It’s not enough that GTA 6 is bigger and richer. It also has to be a better game in every way. The commitment to achieve this goal will naturally extend the development cycle of GTA 6.

Because of the amount of effort and attention to detail that this level of immersion requires, GTA 6 is sure to take a lot longer than the usual game.

GTA 5 was hugely popular worldwide, and GTA 6 is likely to be just as big, if not bigger.

Ultimately, it’s clear that Rockstar is taking its time to make sure it can deliver a new, exciting and groundbreaking entry in the beloved series. The extended development period allowed the company to focus on creating a historic gaming experience filled with a rich story, engaging characters and stunning visuals tied to the GTA name.

However, the wait may not be longer than expected. In addition to earlier leaks, Take-Two itself hinted that GTA 6 could be coming within the next two years. In its latest annual earnings report, Take-Two projected a big jump in earnings for fiscal 2025. This may or may not be because of GTA 6. However, there are few games that can increase financial pins by millions quite like GTA.

If rumors are to be believed, GTA 6 may not be announced until later this year before its release sometime in late 2024.

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