los sepul cross

los sepul cross is the main story quest in GTA San Andreas, given to CJ by Sweet Johnson.

This is a chronological 25° San Andreas mission that takes place in Los Santos.

Karl kills Barras’ leader Kane.

Los Sepulcross: Mission Objective

  • Get those gang members to join you. They respect you enough to help.
  • Get in the car with your gang and take them to the funeral.
  • Everyone is there. Drive behind the cemetery before Kane arrives.
  • Climb over the wall and approach Sweet and his men.
  • Kill Kane, don’t let him run away!
  • Kane is dead, get Sweet home safe!

Los Sepulcross: Mission Information

Mission Number 25 Mission Type Mandatory Mission Giver Sweet Johnson Location Sweet’s House, Ganton State / Area Los Santos

Los Sepulcross: Video Walkthrough

Original game guide (PS2, Xbox, PC):

Definitive Edition Remastered Walkthrough:

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