Mike Lips Last Lunch

Mike Lips Last Lunch is a main quest in GTA 3, given to Claude by Joey Leone.

This is a chronological 7° mission in GTA III, which takes place in Portland. It is available after completing Drive Misty For Me.

Brother Fraley owes Joey money. He wants Claude to help him get something in return.

Mike Lips’ Last Lunch: Mission Objectives

  • Drive Forelli’s car to the 8-Ball garage north of here, behind “Easy Credit Autos”.
  • Park your car at Marco’s Bistro.
  • The car is worn out! Go fix it!
  • Start the car bomb and get out of there!

Mike Lipps’ Last Lunch: Mission Information

Mission Number 7 Mission Type Mandatory Mission Provider Joey Leone Location Joey’s Garage, Trenton State / Area Portland Available after Mission (Story Mode) 100% Yes

Mike Lips The Last Lunch: Video Walkthrough

Original game guide (PS2, Xbox, PC):

Definitive Edition Remastered Walkthrough:

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