MyBase 3.0 is now available: Red Dead Online assets, character info, GTA:O weapons and more!

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since we first launched MyBase, a system that lets you Track and display all your GTA Online assets, vehiclesand calculate your net worth.

Over the past year, the system has grown considerably, with the ability to upload custom pictures, view the total value of your collection, and access vehicle and property upgrades – and today MyBase has over 23,000 registered users!

Over the past month, we’ve rolled out a number of new features that are much needed by the community, including Red Dead Online version of MyBase, Enter more capabilities Information about your rolethe addition of Weapons in MyBase in GTA Onlineand many more improvements.

Some of these features have been out for a few weeks (we released Red Dead’s MyBase beta last month), so many of you may have been trying them out, but it’s time for the official announcement, so here’s everything all new my base 3.0!

New Red Dead Online MyBase

We’re excited to finally launch the Red Dead Online version of MyBase!

Once logged into your MyBase account, you will notice the new ability to edit data in Red Dead Online. After entering any RDR2 information, a new ‘tab’ will be added to your profile page dividing it into GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

Below you can find a full list of features for the new Red Dead Online MyBase, including entering your Horse Collection, Character Information, Weapons, Attributes, Characters You are after, and more.

Like GTA Online’s MyBase, all of the following have their own monetary value append to them, this will help to calculate the total net worth Your RDR2 Collection! The total value of your property is displayed in USD and bullion currency.

my character info

  • character name
  • role gender
  • character image
  • Character style/creature
  • online ranking
  • Team Name
  • Honor level (will display an “honor slider” on your profile)

my horse

  • Add all the horses you own in Red Dead Online
  • Designated Horse Breed/Coat
  • Add each horse name
  • VIP choice of each horse specialization (races, story missions, competition, free roam)
  • (Optional) Add custom comments for each
  • (Optional) Add custom images for each

my weapon

  • Add all the weapons you have, including sidearms, longarms, melee and projectiles
  • VIP specifies where you store your weapon (if equipped, on the saddle, or in your weapon cabinet). A dedicated icon will appear on your weapon.
  • (Optional) Add custom comments for each
  • (Optional) Add custom images for each

My camp and property

  • Choose your camp size and location
  • Specify your camp customizations and upgrades (themes, tents, flags, equipment, camp dogs, Cripps’ clothing)
  • Choose your Moonlight Lodge location
  • VIP Designate Your Moonshine Shack Customization (Business Upgrades, Cabin Extensions, Decor, Bar Photos)
  • Option to add custom images for campsites and moonshine huts

my expert role

  • Indicate the role you’re after (bounty hunter, trader, collector, bootlegger, naturalist)
  • Specify your current character level for each character. The role hierarchy will automatically appear in your profile.
  • For Bounty Hunters, please indicate if you have obtained a “Prestige Bounty Hunter License”
  • add any car The corresponding character you own (e.g. Bounty Cart, Delivery Cart, Hunting Vehicle)
  • VIP add any Equipment/Items The appropriate character you have (e.g. binoculars, metal detector, shovel, wilderness camp, weapon variant, etc.)

New to GTA Online MyBase: Weapons and Characters

In addition to the new Red Dead version of MyBase, we’ve made several improvements and additions to the GTA Online counterpart!

This includes entering your Character information And, exclusive to VIP members, you can enter all your Weapons Owned in GTA Online – This will of course increase your net worth.

my character info

  • character name
  • role gender
  • character image
  • Character style/creature
  • Online ranking (this will be displayed with the same in-game ranking color background)
  • Crew name

VIP my weapon

  • VIP Add all weapons you own in all weapon classes in GTA Online
  • VIP specifies where you store your weapon (if it is in your weapon wheel or in your gun cabinet). A dedicated icon will appear on your weapon.
  • VIPs have the option to add a custom note to each
  • VIPs have the option to add a custom image for everyone

Various other updates

We’ve also made these additional updates and improvements to MyBase in recent weeks/months: features

  • Added ability to enter Arena War Sponsorship Level and Skill Level ranking
  • This Kosatka Added, including upgrade option (VIP) and moon pool vehicle (Added after Cayo Perico Heist update)
  • Added ability to upload files custom image also for Ministry of Commerce (VIP), Terror Bytes (VIP), Avengers (VIP), Cosatka and Yachts
  • Added 7th and 8th apartment/garage slots (Added after the Los Santos Summer Special Update)
  • Added 2 new arcade games (Added after the Los Santos Summer Special Update)

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed longstanding issue where “remember me” option was not always working correctly (fixed in October)
  • User profile page on desktop is now full screen with no sidebar on the right
  • Added game banners at the top of the respective tabs in GTA Online and Red Dead Online
  • Each tab on the profile page now has its own dedicated Edit button
  • Vehicle icons marked “Fully Upgraded” have been changed/improved
  • FIXED: Pegasus planes now converted to hangar planes no longer add net value because they are replicas of purchased Pegasus vehicles (fixed in August)
  • Edits for Account Information and Profile have been combined into one page
  • Various updates to the MyBase menu and navigation
  • The Red Dead-style MyBase logo will now appear in the top left when navigating on Red Dead pages

in conclusion

We hope you enjoy these new updates and find them useful! You can quickly register and log into your own profile, and then easily start editing your GTA Online and Red Dead Online collections.

Please feel free to keep sending us links to your @GTABase profile on Twitter, we’d love to retweet them! Of course, if you aremy base“.

Finally, GTA Base wishes everyone a happy holiday!

Sign up and access your property!

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