New Trusted GTA 6 Leaks Paint Very Different Pictures

Grand Theft Auto 6 remains the most talked-about game that doesn’t yet officially exist, and continues to get noticed time and time again with rumors and leaks. It’s been a hot topic for years, but fans still can’t help swallowing any bit of information — and it looks like, for the first time ever, we actually have something credible.

There have been countless rumors and leaks over the years from various anonymous sources and so-called industry insiders. The closest we’ve come to anything “credible” before was a long, detailed post on 4Chan from an anonymous source who claimed to be a current developer at Rockstar Games. Of course, this is most likely a hoax, and the only reason people would put any stock into the leak is because the details it claims seem credible enough while being consistent with most other rumors.

However, it’s still a very shaky foundation – luckily, the best we don’t have anymore.

This could be the first truly legitimate leak about GTA 6, not one, but two Reputed and credible voices in the video game industry with a spotless track record of insider scoops, confirming the drop in information.

Tom Henderson, the biggest name in Battlefield and Call of Duty leaks, is basically always right, this time he changed things up a bit and revealed something about GTA 6 instead of Covers upcoming modern military shooters like Battlefield 2042 or this year’s yet-to-be-named Call of Duty game. Soon after, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, a former Kotaku and author of numerous AAA leaks, confirmed Henderson’s information in a tweet.

While the usual leak disclaimers still apply, the two industry veterans known for legitimate leaks are far more stable than the anonymous speculation rumors we’ve heard before. Henderson himself stated that GTA is not his area of ​​expertise, and fans should keep in mind that his sources could be wrong, and that Rockstar’s plans could change.

Still, Schreier said he heard the same thing.

To further add to the legitimacy of this bombshell leak, the equally well-known news outlet Video Games Chronicle also backed up Henderson and Schreier’s claims.This triple threat of credible confirmation gives us confidence in the veracity of the leak – although based on what Henderson thinks the game will be released, if current Information about the game is real.

So, what is this leak actually? Quite a lot of fun, especially since some information contradicts the most commonly accepted details and leaks about GTA 6 before. As far as we think until now we know, GTA 6 will take place in the 70’s and 80’s, in Vice City, following two timelines.

Henderson’s message paints a very different picture for the upcoming title. While, according to his video, Vice City will be in some form, it doesn’t have to be the main setting of the game, and we don’t want to go back in time – GTA 6 will have a modern setting, just like GTA 5 did.

Also, the multi-protagonist approach will be preserved, with at least one playable heroine playing the role of a hacker in the storyline. With this new information, the game world will also see real-time dynamic changes, which Henderson likened to Fortnite’s map changing with the seasons, which sounds like we’re looking at something akin to a live service game.

That said, even if all this information is about the game, there’s a good chance that the final version of GTA 6 we’ll end up with won’t reflect this, as there will be a lot of changes over the course of the game. A few years – we will definitely wait a few more years. According to Henderson, we shouldn’t expect a GTA 6 release date any earlier than 2024 or 2025.

How did the game go so far?

There’s only 5 years between GTA 4 and GTA 5, and 8 years since GTA 5 first launched on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. According to the sources cited in the video, this lengthy wait comes down to Rockstar’s conscious effort to combat austerity culture.

A few years ago, a Kotaku report hosted by Jason Schreier revealed the rampant crunch involved in the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, which some developers dubbed a “death march.” The report drew a lot of criticism, pointing to Rockstar Games and other AAA studios in similar situations disclosed in similar reports.

Apparently, Rockstar Games is actually doing something about it. Subsequent Kotaku reports reflect this, but based on these recent leaks, the positive changes remain. We’re currently in the final months of releasing GTA 5 with dedicated and expansion ports on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, which means Rockstar isn’t just working on GTA 6 – there’s ongoing content support for GTA as well happen on.

With all these boards spinning, preventing crunch comes down to longer development time. As GTA Online continues to grow in revenue like other games, there’s no rush to roll out new releases, giving Rockstar a chance to work on GTA 6 without worrying about deadlines.

Schreier confirmed that the latest information from Henderson refers to an earlier prediction of his own that fans shouldn’t expect GTA 6 any earlier than 2023. This is backed up as not a leak, but a personal prediction – 2024 and 2025 “no earlier” than 2023 if we get the technology…

VCG jumps into the ring, confirming for the third time that the dynamically changing and expanded Sin City map set provides further legitimacy to all of this. After what seems like an eternity of ridiculous rumors and leaks, it looks like we’ve got our first real look at what kind of game we should expect.

However, if GTA 6 does launch in 2024 or 2025, that means there’s still a lot of work to be done – and a lot of things could change in three years or more, meaning whatever is currently going on How the assets and mechanics have been completed, and future plans, may not be what we get in the finished product.

Another thing to consider is how common delays have been in the video game industry lately, and how prone Rockstar is to delaying games – if their apparent commitment to eradicating the culture of crunch holds up over time, they might. Would be more motivated to postpone the game rather than have the pros work overtime.So, if the current estimated release window is pegged to 2024 and 2025, the game may only be Actually Arrival in 2026 or 2027. That’s many years!

Since Rockstar tends to push the envelope when it comes to visual and technical achievement in its games, GTA 6 has to be the best looking and most advanced game yet at launch – the longer the game lags, the more technology evolves, which means Sooner or later the project will need to play a catch-up game. This can radically change the actual appearance of the final product.

Either way, this is definitely the most credible GTA 6 leak basically once, and give a greater tangible realism to the entire project. is happening.

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