This quadrilateral It is one of the characteristics of off-road vehicles GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas’ Quad design is based on the real-life Yamaha Breeze. The top speed of the Quad is
99.42 mph (160.00 km/h)

This vehicle cannot be customized.

This car is also featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

Quad: GTA SA Vehicle Statistics

Vehicle Class Off-RoadCars Modifications Cannot Modify Monetary Value $9,000 Top Speed ​​- File 99.42 mph (160.00 km/h) Engine Type Gasoline Based (Real Life) Yamaha Breeze Mass/Weight 400 kg Drivetrain AWD Gear 4

Four: GTA SA appearance

GTA San Andreas’ Foursome Respawn Locations Here’s the GTA San Andreas foursome:

  • Trailer Park in Eastern Las Playasadas, Born County
  • Between two trailers at Valle Ocultado, west of Las Playasadas in Born County
  • Blueberry Acres, near the barn (console)
  • Farm (console) near Dillimore, Red County
  • South of Back o’ Beyond Lake in Flint County
  • Woods southwest of Horseshoe Rock in Back o’ Beyond
  • Next to Shady Cabin at Shady Creeks, Whetstone
  • Outside a house by a dirt road southwest of Tierra Robada Las Barrancas
  • On the edge of a cliff next to the boardwalk leading to the stunt jump at Mount Chiliard
  • Under a concrete bridge at Back o’ Beyond

Spawn Quad Cheat Code You can use this cheat code to spawn Quads in GTA San Andreas:

  • PlayStation Left lower left upper upper square circle triangle R1 R2
  • PC quad bike

Notable Owner: Mike Toreno Appears in Story Quests:

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